Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 Episode 11

The Music Villain

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 03, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Loonatics face off against Boötes Belinda, a villain and his band who uses rock music to terrorize Acmetropolis. When Zodavia is captured, he orders Tech to build a high-tech guitar for him. Now the Loonatics must save Zodavia and defeat this evil band. But who is the real villain controlling him?moreless

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  • The Loonatics take on a villain who uses music to terrorize Zadavia. If you think that is bad, at the end, he reveals a surprise guest.:O

    This episode reveals a lot about the season finale. Rupes was once on Freling until Zadavia rejected his idea for an anthem. Bootsy Collins played his part well. In fact, his character looks a lot like him. This proves how much he likes the show. Since it is centered around Zadavia, you can bet who his fave character is. Zadavia showed signs of liking Tech by asking him to attend the concert with her. If you think Optimatus making cameo is a bad sign of what's to come, imagine who Rupes could gather for his band of villains and what he'll do with all that power he got from Zadavia.moreless
Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Rupes Oberon

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Computer, Mr. Leghorn

Guest Star

Candi Milo

Candi Milo


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Rupes Oberon went to free Optimatus, the villain is on a chess board chained to a chair, rather then on his spaceship, as he was last seen in "Acmegeddon (2)".

    • The String Theory is the theory that the entire universe is made of many different continually wiggling threads of energy, or strings. Some scientists theorize that the strings are straight, and some that the strings are circular. Keyboard Man's guitar and Zadavia's powers have absolutely nothing to do with the universe or it's strings, therefore, it's impossible for him to control it. In order for that to happen, he'd need to channel the energy of the strings, not Zadavia's.

    • When the Loonatics and Zadavia were back at Headquarters, Tech was in his civvies (military slang for civilian clothes) until the close up of Bootes Belinda. After the close up is done, you can see that Tech is in costume when he's backing away from the hologram.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Duck: We have to get our Zadaiva back.
      Lexi: You really care about her, don't you Duck?
      Duck: Got that right. When we rescue the boss lady, she's gonna owe us big time. Maybe a paid vacation, maybe a pay to begin with.

    • Bootes: Baaaaaaby! I am the Bootes!

    • Bootes: (to Tech) Thanks for the strings, Hairball.

    • Ace: Hey, Bootes! I heard you lip-sync, and your mama listens to polka music!
      Bootes: Hey, nobody talks about my mama that way. I'm gonna slap you right across your vowels!

    • Rupes: One universe under one groove.

    • Tech: Are you familiar with the String Theory? Think of the universe as a galactic orchestra. The Keyboard Man knows that if he can channel Zadavia's energy into his guitar, then he can use that energy to control the universe!

    • Tech: Is the line integral of the magnetic flux around a closed curve proportional to the algebraic sum of the electrical currents flowing through that closed curve?
      Rev: Yes. Duh.

  • NOTES (9)


    • Frankenstein:
      When Tech raises his newly created guitar to the ceiling to electrify it, thus bringing it to life, so to speak, it is similar to the method used by Dr. Frankenstein, in the Frankentstein novel by Mary Shelley, to brings the eponymous monster to life.

    • Friz Freleng:

      The planet where Zadavia is from is named after the animator who created Bugs Bunny and other Warner Bros animated characters.

    • For the record, Jason Marden, who voices Danger Duck and Rupes Oberon, also voiced Richie Foley (aka Gear) from Static Shock. It was Richie's voice he used to voice Rupes.

    • Character: Bootes Belinda

      He resembles to Kangorr from Static Shock.

    • Rupes Oberon very slightly resembled to Shiv from Static Shock in the face, hairstyle, and color.

    • Episode Title The Music Villain

      It is a parody of "The Music Man".

    • Character Name: Boötes

      He showed similarities of his voice actor, Bootsy Collins.