Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 7

The World is My Circus

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 2005 on The CW

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  • Another one and done episode.

    What I don't like about these one and done episodes are that they feel gimmicky, they present a simple concept and it is easily resolved with without much effort by the show's heroes. In this case a group of corrupted circus men turn humans into animals for their business and decide to target the Acme heroes as their next targets but thanks to Tech, they dodge this fatal incident by a hair. These episodic episodes result in a severe amount of uninteresting villains. What I liked about this episode though is how the Acme heroes had to adjust to their new powers and were able to get through it though there was definitely potential for a lot more entertaining content.
  • great the loonatics getting caputered and turned into animal hbrids i have seen episodes likes this before but this one is better is than all the others.i thought there would have a two parter the frist time i saw it.but it worked out in the end.BRILLANT

    this epesoide was great the loonatics getting captured and being transformed.duck a gorilla rev looked like a bat lexi like pepi tech ace and slam uhhh something but still they all looked weired.when i frist saw this episode i thought their would be another part to it but it all worked out in the end.whlie i have seen other episodes like this i found this stands out of all the others.who knows maybe something like that will happen again maybe they will be forced to resort to their instinces if so maybe tech will want to eat rev.anyway its agreat show
  • Duck finds a half monkey-half chameleon thing, and he hates it. They go to return it to the circus, and get turned into hybrid creatures themselves! Plus, their powers get switched! GASP! What will become of them, and will they be normal ever again?

    This ep was weird in a good way. Rev was cute as a bat. Tech...normally, he's mah sexy beast but ah...not this time. Rev looked like Lexington from Gargoyles. ANYWAYS, it was a really funny episode, had great lines, and lots of plot twists. And Rev was cute ^^! Tech...not so much...
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