Looney Tunes

Season 48 Episode 191

A Corny Concerto

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 29, 1943 on Cartoon Network



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    • For some reason, the identity of the black duckling in this short has prompted much debate among cartoon fans as to whether or not it is in fact Daffy Duck. Supporters of the idea claim it is Daffy due to the character's similar color design while naysayers say that if it was supposed to be Daffy then it would have been made a little more clearer in design or by having him speak. It should be noted that the books about Warner Bros. animation history has never addressed this, nor has it ever been confirmed either way. However, in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD commentary Michael Barrier clearly states that it is Daffy after all.

    • The only cartoon in which Porky Pig hunts Bugs Bunny (not counting Porky's Hare Hunt (1938), the first cartoon to feature the rabbit character eventually known as Bugs).

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