Looney Tunes

Season 6 Episode 1

BUGS & DAFFY - Duck Amuck

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Feb 28, 1953 on Cartoon Network

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  • Attack of the Unknown Cartoonist

    As much as I enjoy seeing Daffy in great misfortunes, this cartoon is the funniest of them all. Chuck Jones did an excellent job creating such a hysterical episode. Daffy started out as a musketeer swordsman. The unseen artist painted a farm scene, the arctic caverns, the tropical beach, and finally nothing but a huge white background. Even though Daffy was breaking the fourth wall talking to the cartoonist, technically most Looney Tunes cartoons do. I like the scenes when Daffy was playing the chaotic guitar, screeched like any animal, and then had his entire body painted in wacky colors. What's really weird is that Daffy was turned into a strange looking creature with a flower for a head and screwball flag tail. I also like it when Daffy struggles to rip off the black curtain that kept crushing him. It ended when we found out that the cartoonist who was harassing Daffy was none other than Bugs Bunny. And that's why this cartoon is one of my favorites.
  • Chuck Jones' Funniest Bugs vs. Daffy Cartoon

    This is one of my favorite Chuck Jones' cartoons. Daffy was having a lot of trouble with the mysterious animator. No matter what Daffy does to prevent so many mishaps, he'll always been humiliated. My favorite part was when he got covered in different paint colors and gets really angry. Especially making him look very weird; turning into a rare wacky creature with purple fur, screwball flag tail, flower head, and four legs. In the end, the mysterious animator was really Bugs Bunny. Ain't he a stinker?
  • Zany and typical cartoon, "Duck Amuck" are a landmark Daffy Duck cartoon and his attitude was say too much

    Great masterpiece cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, Duck Amuck are not a cartoon like the others because Daffy has umiliate all of the cartoon by his creator artist. His sense of integrity are really superb and Daffy are a potential character in the Looney Tunes. He's a zany in the early years (1937-1943) to a angry duck (start 1945) and now we have a cowardly duck dream of glory and money (start 1955). I like the close-up sequence that Daffy say "A CLOSE UP, You Jerk! A Close Up." and the false THE END ending card.

    I think Duck Amuck are a sensible cartoon teach a mood side of the cartoons, often created in the plagiarize and the insult of human intelligence. I enjoy this cartoon