Looney Tunes

Season 6 Episode 1

BUGS & DAFFY - Duck Amuck

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Feb 28, 1953 on Cartoon Network

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  • Zany and typical cartoon, "Duck Amuck" are a landmark Daffy Duck cartoon and his attitude was say too much

    Great masterpiece cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, Duck Amuck are not a cartoon like the others because Daffy has umiliate all of the cartoon by his creator artist. His sense of integrity are really superb and Daffy are a potential character in the Looney Tunes. He's a zany in the early years (1937-1943) to a angry duck (start 1945) and now we have a cowardly duck dream of glory and money (start 1955). I like the close-up sequence that Daffy say "A CLOSE UP, You Jerk! A Close Up." and the false THE END ending card.

    I think Duck Amuck are a sensible cartoon teach a mood side of the cartoons, often created in the plagiarize and the insult of human intelligence. I enjoy this cartoon