Looney Tunes

Season 1 Episode 15

BUGS BUNNY - Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Apr 22, 1944 on Cartoon Network
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BUGS BUNNY - Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Bugs, dressed as he was in the army, lands on an island invaded by Japanese soldiers. He fights back in order to win the battle.

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  • Typical WWII propaganda. Well, typical for Bugs Bunny.

    Directed by Friz Freleng, this cartoon is something that was only usual to be seen in the 1940s, but would never be aired on television today.

    This cartoon while it has some great Bugs Bunny moments and some of his best work at outsmarting his enemies, it is still considered a typical World War II propaganda film against the Japanese people. In his usual way, Bugs easily defeats an entire Japanese army, including some Sumo wrestlers in little to no time.

    The end of the short is quite funny, as it is one of the few times Bugs decides to stay in a seemingly inescapable situation as long as a female (rabbit, preferably) is with him. Overall a good short, but not as good as Bugs' other shorts.moreless
  • Bugs doesnt like the Japanese.

    The japanese sterotype during WWII sure was an ugly little guy. Thick glasses and big buck teeth.

    As the Good Rumor man, our hero Bugs passes out icecream bars filled with grenades. Along with the explosive treats he dishes out slurs like, \"Here\'s yours bowlegs.. One for you monkeyface..Here you are slanteyes\". Then he kills all the \'japs\'..oops. Ahhh but Bugs was only doing his duty during wartime.

    It isn\'t likely you will find this cartoon on tv anytime soon. But, it is worth a look if you are a Bugs Bunny fan. Provided you can find it.moreless
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June Foray


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Larry Storch

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    • Currently banned from television because of wartime scenes.

      It is banned not so much for wartime scenes as much as it's portrayal of The Japanese as small, almond shaped eyed people having poor vision, with round wire rimmed glasses and big huge bucked teeth and with stupid w/low intelligence, not being able pronounce words with the letter L (pronouncing it with an R sound) and possessing malevolent cunning and sneakiness. In it's day because it was shown to adults in theaters it was aceptable as they were the enemy and seen as part of the war effort for WWII.

      In today's multi-cultural society it would be seen as Racist and extremely bigoted. I have several from this era andAlthough insulting, ithey need to be viewed in the light of their day. The Japanese Empire was brutal like the Nazis and sadistically cruel popws were often put in slave labor death camps similar to the Jews in Dachau.

      They raised morale at home and sold war bonds and boosted troops morale and I believe if they are forgotten we'll lose some of our important Americana and history because we're embarrassed today by them.


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