Looney Tunes

Season 1 Episode 8

BUGS BUNNY - Tortoise Wins By a Hare

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Feb 20, 1943 on Cartoon Network

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  • Tortoise Wins By a Hare is a great spoof of The Tortoise and the Hare classic tale

    All started by a sequence of their last race (from Tortoise Beats Hare), Bugs is ready at all to win againts Cecil the Tortoise but despite his ingenious tricks, he's lose and after watch the race in a projector, Bugs is very upset and think that Cecil have a Secret Weapon to win because normally, he's againts laws nature. Compared to Tortoise Beats Hare that i considered like a mediocre cartoon now, Tortoise Wins By a Hare is faster, a great and very original moment of the cartoon. Bob clampett make a very good job to released this during the 1940's (60 years and still watchable with the restoration? Yeahhh!). Like the original tale, Cecil win but disguise with a rabbit costume and Bugs, with a Tortoise costume is the loser again, but that not violent against Cecil compared to their first episode
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