Looney Tunes

Season 48 Episode 93

Have You Got Any Castles

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Jun 25, 1938 on Cartoon Network

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  • "Have You Got Any Castles": Great musical short but often reject nowadays

    In the Golden Collection of last year, my big surprise of the set are this short. A Frank Tashlin cartoon that all of legendary characters of fiction, tales and fantasies from the cover books sings a multitude of songs. Most fantastic again, the titles books contain the real name of his author, this is rare nowadays. Why i consider Have You Got Any Castles like a very great cartoon? Because he's not really a story, like the Road Runner/Coyote cartoons per example. That's just a cartoon with various characters singing and dancing. Well, that's mediocre the first time but with the time, you see, you're a great hazard to enjoy it! I already say negative stuffs from this a few years ago because i not have again this shorts (he's not again on DVD in 2000-1), but with the DVD sets, i enjoy more again than a few years before and i have the best informations possible over the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies.

    Have You Got Any Castles is a unique short directed by Frank Tashlin, often censored in the past for a Alexander Woolcott caricature
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