Looney Tunes

Season 28 Episode 1

MERLIN & 2ND BANANA - Merlin the Magic Mouse

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 18, 1967 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Merlin the Magic Mouse and his assistant Second Banana enter a theater where they're scheduled to perform. When Second Banana checks the audience (there was no one last time,) there is only one audience member... Sam the Cat. To avoid trouble, Merlin puts on a fake mustache so Sam can't chase him. They start the show. When Sam just boos at Merlin, Second Banana puts on canned applause (a wheel with gloves slapping a single glove to make it sound like full applauding). Merlin starts by trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but the rabbit bites his thumb. When Second Banana tells him to use the carrot, the rabbit just grabs for it in the hat also pullin in Merlin, who decides to ditch that trick. The second trick requires a volunteer from the audience, and he picks Sam the Cat. The trick is that he's gonna saw him in half. Sam tries to flee, but Merlin catches him and puts him in the box. When asked to get a rubber saw, Second Banana can't find it, so he gets an actual saw for Merlin, which accidently hurts Sam. At that moment, Second Banana finds the rubber saw, and then Merlin's fake mustache falls off. Sam the Cat gets wise and begins to chase him. Merlin starts to use real magic, and causes the lights to go out momentairly and after a crash, Sam's in chains. But he gets out and Merlin hands him a flower pot. It's actually a double-fused dynamite stick! (Sam blows out the first fuse, but the second blasts the explosive.) When the two mice confront a brick wall, they pull the old Indian rope trick. This gets the best of Sam, too. Now the two mice flee the theater and get out a magic carpet. Merlin takes off, but nearly forgets Second Banana and grabs him in time. They begin to fly off to their next destination, they've been booked in Peoria. Sam the cat follows in a makeshift rowboat with balloons, but Merlin says they'll open in Hoboken.