Looney Tunes - Season 14

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Little Red Walking Hood
    Little Red Walking Hood
    Episode 03.12.1950
    A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with Egghead, Wolf, Red, and Granny.
  • SYLVESTER & HIPPETY - Lighthouse Mouse
    The captain puts Sylvester in charge of the lighthouse.
  • SYLVESTER & HIPPETY - Bell Hoppy
    Sylvester has been "blackballed" out of membership to the Loyal Order of Alley Cats Mouse and Chowder Club again. To gain the long-coveted membership, the Grand Master offers to let the lisping puddy tat place a big bell around the neck of the largest mouse he can find, so the cats can pounce on the mouse when they hear the bell. Just as that's going on, Hippety Hopper escapes from a city zoo truck. It's not long before he encounters the hapless Sylvester. Each attempt to place the bell around Hippety's neck ends with Sylvester wearing the bell (and the cats pounding the puddy into submission). In the end, Sylvester finally does get the bell around Hippety's neck, but by the time the cats are ready to pounce on the baby kangaroo-mistaken-for-a-giant-mouse, Hippety has been recaptured. The oblivious cats end up jumping in front of the city zoo truck! Sylvester now gets to serve as Loyal Order's Grand Master.

  • SYLVESTER & HIPPETY - Hippety Hopper
    A mouse is about to commit suicide by jumping off a pier when he is saved by baby kangaroo Hippety Hopper. In exchange for the mouse releasing him from his shipping crate, Hippety agrees to help the mouse humble his tormentor, Sylvester Cat, by making Sylvester think that vitamins have enlarged the mouse to Hippety's size, and when Sylvester fights the "giant mouse", he loses in the usual embarrassing way- this time, in front of a chiding bulldog.

  • SYLVESTER & HIPPETY - Hoppy-Go-lucky
    Sylvester's latest baby kangaroo-sure-looks-like-a-giant mouse fiasco, this time with a dopey lug named Benny as his companion instead of his son. Sylvester (repeatedly called George so don't miss the Mice and Men reference) is interested in getting a meal, while Benny seeks companionship
  • SYLVESTER & HIPPETY - Hop Look and Listen
    A baby kangaroo hops out of his zoo cage and roams into the surrounding city. The kangaroo stops at Sylvester Cat's home while Sylvester is hunting for mice with a fishing rod. When Sylvester "reels in" the kangaroo, he thinks he has caught a giant mouse and makes a humiliatingly unsuccessful attempt to catch him.

  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Mouse-taken Identity
    Sylvester takes Junior on a museum and tries to catch Hippety.
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Slap-hoppy Mouse
    Sylvester takes Junior for mouse-hunting in a haunted house.
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Cats A-Weigh
    Sylvester the freeloader and Junior, as ship's cats. Sylvester trying to goof off on the pretence that "You're a little cat so you take care of the little mice. I'm a big cat, so I take care of big ones, if any come along. Fair enough?" In the hold, a little mouse runs into a cage marked, "Baby Kangaroos," and Junior unknowingly releases Hippety Hopper, who looks like a "great giant mouse," and we're off to the races again.moreless
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Freudy Cat
    Sylvester Cat is a basket case, convinced that baby kangaroo Hippety Hopper is everywhere, around every corner, waiting to damage his pride yet again in front of his son. Junior takes his fearful father to a cat psychiatrist to whom Sylvester confides his constant frustration at being unable to defeat the "giant mouse".moreless
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Hoppy Daze
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Too Hop to Handle
    Junior's Pied Piper lures into his and his father's midst a very bulky "mouse".
  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Who's Kitten Who?
    A baby kangaroo, Hippety Hopper, breaks free from a crate at the Zoo Office and hops into the house of Sylvester Cat and his son, Junior. They mistake Hippety for a giant mouse, and Sylvester is pummelled again and again by the playful kangaroo, causing Junior to put a paper bag over his head in shame for his father.

  • SYLVESTER & JR. & HIPPETY - Pop 'im Pop!
  • SYLVESTER & JUNIOR - Claws in the Lease
    A woman takes Junior inside and leaves Sylvester in the Dumpster.
  • SYLVESTER & JUNIOR - Fish and Slips
    Sylvester and Junior go fishing.
  • SYLVESTER & JUNIOR - Birds of a Father
    Sylvester tries to convince his son the importance to being a real cat after surprised his son to play with a bird named Spike.
  • SYLVESTER & JUNIOR - Goldimouse...3 Cats
    Junior tries to catch a mouse while Sylvester helps him make traps.
  • SYLVESTER & JUNIOR - Cat's Paw
    Sylvester trains Junior to catch birds but Junior wants to catch an eagle.
  • T & S & JUNIOR - Tweet Dreams
    Sylvester, gone neurotic after years of myopic fixation on the "little yellow bird." He goes to see a psychiatrist to get the whole story off his chest. His father, he tells the note-taking head-shrinker, never taught him how to catch mice like all the other cats so he "was forced to find sustenance by other means."moreless