Looney Tunes - Season 15

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • SYLVESTER - D'fightin' Ones
    A cat and a dog are chained together in the paddy wagon on the way to the city pound. When the door flies open, they put aside their dislike for one another and make a break for it across country. The chain joining them at the arm creating an obvious barrier to a fast getaway.

  • SYLVESTER - The Unexpected Pest
    Sylvester Cat must catch mice or lose his happy home. When he can't find a mouse inside, he searches out of doors and comes upon one meek, little mouse who agrees under duress to be Sylvester's one rodent to catch and rough up again and again in front of his masters. But it isn't long before the mouse realizes Sylvester needs him alive and decides to stop being Sylvester's stooge.

  • SYLVESTER - A Kiddies Kitty
    To escape a bulldog, Sylvester Cat allows himself to be adopted by a little girl. The little girl turns out to be rougher than the bulldog, though in her case it is entirely out of love. She bathes him in a washing machine, feeds him sardines and liver made of mud, puts him in the refrigerator to hide him from her disapproving mother, thaws him out with an overhot electric blanket, and blows his facial fur off with a backfiring rocket. Sylvester prefers to go back to the dog.

  • SYLVESTER - Tree for Two
    A rough and tough bulldog named Spike sets out with his admirer, a small dog named Chester, to rough up a cat. They encounter Sylvester and chase him into a junkyard, where a black panther that escaped from a zoo just happens to be hiding out. Every time Spike goes into the junkyard to thrash Sylvester, he is clawed into pieces by the panther, which he, in a dark maze of crates, thinks is Sylvester. Chester has no problem pummelling Sylvester before Spike's eyes, which convinces Spike that Chester must be tougher than him.

  • SYLVESTER - Little Red Rodent Hood
    An elderly mouse tells the bedtime story of Little Red Riding Hood to her grandson, who visualizes the tale in cat-and-mouse terms, with himself as Red and Sylvester as the Big Bad Wolf.

  • SYLVESTER - Stooge for a Mouse
    A mouse wishing for Sylvester's removal from attainment of a block of cheese devices Milke Bulldog into thinking Sylvester to be a foe.
  • SYLVESTER - Mouse Mazurka
    In Russia, Sylvester tries to catch the mouse. The mouse drank nitrogylcerin and starts hitting him to scare Sylvester into believing he'll explode.
  • SYLVESTER - Catch as Cats Can
    An emaciated canary, singing like Frank Sinatra, is getting on the nerves of a pipe-puffing parrot, who speaks like Bing Crosby. The parrot spots Sylvester, foraging through the trash. Telling the cat he needs more vitamins (which the canary has been swallowing in bulk), he lures the cat inside to snare the canary. The straightforward approach fails (the canary bops him in the nose). He carves a female canary from soap, lures Frankie there; the birds slide down a greased counter, into the sink, and down the drain, but only the soap bird goes through the pipe and down Sylvester's throat. A trail of birdseed into the garage seems to work, but Frankie jacks Sylvester's mouth open. Sylvester laces the vitamins with buckshot; like all cartoon magnets, his attracts everything metal in sight except his prey. The canary turns Sylvester's vacuum cleaner against him, with a crash in the fireplace giving Sylvester a hot-stomach; as he buries his head in the sink, the bird adds Foamo-Seltzer to the water; the cat rockets off, crashing into a wall. The cat finally realizes the portly parrot is a better meal; we see him sitting on the parrot's perch, imitating his mannerisms. (Sylvester speaks here with a less pronounced lisp than his final voice.)

  • SYLVESTER - Dog Gone Cats
    Wellington the dog is given a package to deliver to Uncle Louie, with strict instructions not to let go of it. Sylvester and another cat that Wellington has been tormenting see this as their chance to get even. Besides repeatedly filching the package, at one point they drop a duplicate off a bridge. Wellington still manages to retrieve the package a few times, but never for long.

  • SYLVESTER - Peck Up Your Troubles
    Sylvester is determined to get a woodpecker that just moved in, high in a tree. He climbs, but the bird greases the tree; he starts to cut it down, but a mean dog stops him (this becomes a running gag). Several other attempts follow; at one point, he puts his paw into the bird's home, and the bird puts a tomato there; Sylvester squishes it, and the bird dresses as an angel to torment him, but Sylvester sees through the disguise. Finally, Sylvester tries to blow up the tree; the dog again intervenes. Sylvester gets the dynamite off the tree and puts out the fuses, but the bird has lit them again, and now Sylvester really becomes an angel.

  • SYLVESTER - Father of the Bird
    A bird thinks that Sylvester is his father.
  • SYLVESTER - Mouse and Garden
    Sylvester and his feline friend, Sam are rumaging in the trash cans to find food when they a mouse.
  • SYLVESTER - Pappy's Puppy
    Butch, a mean bulldog, teaches his young son about the facts of life, including how to attack cats. The pup is at first frightened when he encounters Sylvester, but the youngster (remembering his father's lesson) soon becomes a thorn in the pussycat's side. Sylvester makes several failed attempts to get rid of the pesky puppy (including concealing him under a tin can and throwing a stick into a busy street). In the end, the stork (for once, sober) shows up with another litter of mean bulldogs and Butch demanding that Sylvester care for them.

  • SYLVESTER - By Word of Mouse
    Hans, a German mouse, arrives in America to visit his cousin, Willie. Hans wants to know all about the free market capitalist system. So, Willie takes Hans to see a lecturer in a university, another mouse, who talks at length about the capitalist system while Sylvester Cat chases all three rodents around the lecture halls.

  • SYLVESTER - Dr. Jekyl's Hyde
    "I say, we're jolly chums, aren't we, Alfie, ol' boy, through thick and thin and all that sort of rot." Spike and Chester as cockney canines and Sylvesterreally turning into the terror. They wake the slumbering Sylvester, and he flees into the lab of one Dr. Jerkyl. There, thirsty and out of breath, the cat consumes some of the infamous Hyde formula. Alfie goes in to that lab thinking he'll have an easy time pulverizing the puddy, instead, he shakes white with fear at the sight of the Sylvester/Hyde monster.moreless
  • SYLVESTER - Canned Feud
    To absence of their owners in voyage in California, Sylvester realise that he's alone. For survive during two weeks, he's need eat. But per chance, he's cat foods in stock, unless they have a can opener
  • SYLVESTER - Life With Feathers
    The abandoned love bird wants Sylvester to eat him, but Sylvester thinks he's poisonous.
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