Looney Tunes - Season 18

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • RALPH & SAM - Woolen Under Where
    Palph tries to catch sheeps while Sam is sleeping.
  • RALPH & SAM - A Sheep in the Deep
    Ralph tries to get the sheeps so that he will have something to eat but Sam won't let him.
  • RALPH & SAM - Ready, Woolen and Able
    A hungry Ralph Wolf wants to swipe and eat some of the sheep in Sam Sheepdog's flock. Not only does Sam foil all of Ralph's schemes, but he turns up everywhere Ralph goes, even on a nearby beach and inside a whale's mouth! Ralph goes bonkers and has to be driven away in a straight jacket.

  • RALPH & SAM - Sheep Ahoy
    After punching in for work, Sam Sheepdog deals with Ralph Wolf's attempts to steal the flock, which this time make use of a balloon, a fake Acme-brand rock and a bicycle-propelled submarine.

  • RALPH & SAM - Steal Wool
    Sam disguises himself as a sheep to fool Ralph.
  • RALPH & SAM - Double or Mutton
    After they punch in for work, Ralph Wolf tries to steal Sam Sheepdog's flock of sheep using, among other methods, a highwire, a helicopter and a Bo Peep disguise
  • RALPH & SAM - Don't Give Up the Sheep
    Sam Sheepdog punches in for work (relieving the night dog, Fred) counts the sheep, and sets about his job of watching them. Ralph Wolf's first attempt at getting at the flock consists of speeding the time clock so that Sam has lunch and goes home at 9:00! Ralph next carries off a lamb to a bush, but gets followed and clobbered by Sam.moreless