Looney Tunes - Season 2

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • STUPOR SALESMAN, THE--When notorious bank robber Slug McSlug escapes the police dragnet by hiding out in an abandoned country house, he is visited by salesman Daffy Duck, who is absolutely determined to sell him something. Directed by: Arthur Davis / YOU WERE NEVER DUCKIER--At the National Poultry Show, the prize for Best Duck is only $5.00, while the prize for Best Rooster is $5000.00. Daffy Duck decides to don a rubber glove top-knot, plucks a real rooster for tail feathers, and enters the show. Henery Hawk wants to impress his father by stealing a chicken but grabs Daffy instead. Directed by: Charles M. Jonesmoreless
  • GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY, THE--Daffy falls asleep reading Dick Tracy comics and becomes Dick Twacy in his dreams. It's up to him to figure out where all the piggy banks went. When he finally does he is confronted by a large number of villains who he beats. Directed by: Robert Clampett / STAR IS BORED, A--Daffy Duck is jealous of Bugs Bunny's stardom. He demands to be put into a film and lands a role as Bugs' stunt double. Directed by: Friz Frelengmoreless
  • A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO--On Halloween, Daffy tries to prove to his nephew that here is no such thing as witches. Directed by: Robert McKimson / PEST IN THE HOUSE, A--A tired businessman goes to Elmer's hotel for some peace and quiet. The only problem is that Daffy is a bellman who doesn't know how to be quiet. Every time the businessman is disturbed he hits Elmer, which turns out to be quite a few times. Directed by: Charles M. Jonesmoreless
  • 1/5/46
    BOOK REVUE--Books in a bookshop come to life and have a jam session. Directed by: Robert Clampett / ROBIN HOOD DAFFY--A Merrie Melodies' version of Robin Hood. Daffy attempts to convince Porky, as Friar Tuck, that he really is Robin Hood. Directed by: Charles M. Jones
  • DAFFY DUCK SLEPT HERE--Porky has trouble finding a hotel room since all the hotels are packed. He finally gets a room but he must share it with Daffy. Of course, Daffy's wackiness keeps Porky from sleeping. Directed by: Robert McKimson / DRIP-ALONG DAFFY--A western parody of a dangerous wilderness town and the hero that tries to fix it. Drip-Along Daffy is our hero on horseback and Porky Pig is the sidekick on a mule. Directed by: Charles M. Jonesmoreless
  • DAFFY DUCK AND THE DINOSAUR--Daffy tries to outsmart a giant dinosaur from eating him. Directed by: Charles M. Jones / DAFFY DUCK HUNT--Porky goes hunting with his dog. They encounter a completely wacky Daffy who dodges all Porky's bullets and breaks out into a can-can dance. Directed by: Robert McKimson
  • 1/1/44
    DUCK SOUP TO NUTS--Porky spots Daffy in a crowd of ducks and thus begins the hunter-gag chase. Directed by: Friz Freleng / STUPOR DUCK--A parody of Superman in which Daffy Duck plays Cluck Trent by day and Stupor Duck by night. He runs through town searching for an imaginary villain. Directed by: Robert McKimsonmoreless
  • BUGS & WITCH HAZEL - A Witch's Tangled Hare
    Hazel meets her long-time friend and so her friend helps her look for a rabbit.
  • DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24½ CENTURY--Duck Dodgers and Marvin Martian wage war over Planet X. Directed by: Charles M. Jones / SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL, THE--Sick of doing comedy, Daffy finally gets a dramatic role. The movie is about a swashbuckler who must battle the bad guys while saving his lady fair. Directed by: Charles M. Jonesmoreless
  • BUGS & WITCH HAZEL - Broom-Stick Bunny
    Witch Hazel's claim to be the ugliest witch of all is threatened by a Halloween witch who turns out to be Bugs trick-or-treating.
  • 2/28/53
    DUCK AMUCK--Daffy has to fight the animator for a decent background and outfit because the animator can't seem to make up his mind. Directed by: Charles M. Jones / RABBIT FIRE--Elmer is out hunting when Bugs and Daffy each try to trick him into shooting the other. After many pranks, Bugs and Daffy team up and start hunting Elmer. Directed by: Charles M. Jonesmoreless
  • BUGS & WITCH HAZEL - Bewitched Bunny
    Hansel and Gretel and Bugs tell the judge what Hazel has been doing to them lately.
  • YANKEE DOODLE DAFFY--Porky Pig, a talent agent, is trying to sneak out to go on vacation. Daffy Duck pushes him back into his office and forces him to give his client, a little black duck with a large lollipop named Sleepy Lagoon, an audition. Directed by: Friz Freleng / YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES--Daffy Duck tries to usurp Porky Pig's job through devious means in this wild blend of live action and animation. Directed by: Friz Frelengmoreless