Looney Tunes - Season 20

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • SPEEDY & DAFFY - The Chocolate Chase
    Speedy Gonzales is once again called to get past Daffy Duck when he denies the mice of Mexico chocolate bunnies for Easter.
  • SPEEDY - See Ya Later Gladiator
    Daffy lures Speedy into a scientist's time machine. However, Daffy winds up in it, too, so they both go to 65 A.D! They wind up in a battle at the coliseum, with a hungry lion!
  • SPEEDY - Skyscraper Caper
    Daffy walks in his sleep, so it's up to Speedy to help him with his sleepwalking problem. But when Speedy's plan to wake him up from walking in his sleep fails, Daffy finds himself waking up right on a skyscraper! So now Speedy must save him from certain death.
  • SPEEDY - Fiesta Fiasco
    Speedy Gonzales and his Mexican mice friends are planning and setting up a fiesta and Daffy sees the decorations. The mice play dumb as if they don't see the decor. Then when Daffy leaves, he overhears Speedy continuing planning the party. Angry about this because he didn't get invited, he builds a rain-making machine which produces a little rain cloud, which doesn't listen to Daffy when he tells him what to do (mostly rain on the fiesta) and the cloud rains on Daffy. It even becomes a storm cloud and shoots lightning to give Daffy an electric shock, then turns into a tornado. After using a vacuum, which the cloud escapes from, Daffy gets sucked into the party and lands into the cake. It's revealed that it was a surprise birthday party for Daffy and he starts crying because how he tried to sabotage his own party, complete with the cloud raining on him.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Go Away Stowaway
    Daffy Duck, having enough of hearing Speedy Gonzales's "La Cucaracha" tries to escape on a cruise ship. However, he is stalked by Speedy and tries to dispose of him, destroying the ship at the end and Speedy playing on his belly.
  • SPEEDY - Rodent to Stardom
    Director Harvey Hassenpfeffer finds Daffy and gets him a job in his new film "Nursery Rhyme Revue." Daffy winds up doing Speedy's stunts as a stand-in, resulting in catastrophic events.
  • SPEEDY - Speedy Ghost to Town
    Daffy notices Speedy and his little friend Miguel with a map leading to what looks like a gold mine, so the duck must try to get the map in a somewhat-violent chase with the speedy mice.
  • SPEEDY - The Spy Swatter
    After a mouse scientist invents a cheese than can strengthen mice to defeat cats, Daffy Duck is ordered to stop Speedy Gonzales before he can deliver the formula.
  • SPEEDY - The Music Mice-Tro
    Daffy Duck falls victim to being tormented by Speedy Gonzales and two other mice who form a band and wants to put a stop to it.
  • SPEEDY - Quacker Tracker
    The Tooth & Nail Hunting Society is offering a reward to anyone who can bag their only missing trophy, Speedy Gonzales. Daffy's just the fool to do it. Daffy tries telling Speedy his shotgun is a telescope, but Speedy convinces Daffy to look. Daffy tries a snare, but it doesn't work until he steps into it to figure out what's wrong. An exploding girl mouse doll keeps finding its way back to Daffy. Daffy disguises himself as a giant enchilada, but the mice squirt hot sauce on him. Finally, Daffy rides a rocket, but ends up running into a train which throws him right back through the hunting society's roof.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Daffy's Diner
    Diner owner, Daffy Duck, must find a real mouse to make into a mouse-burger for El Supremo, a mean Mexican cat. The only real mouse around is a hungry Speedy Gonzales, who comes to Daffy's Diner looking for cheese
  • SPEEDY - A Taste of Catnip
    Daffy Duck goes to a doctor after he realizes that he is starting to act like a cat. Daffy finds himself drinking milk out of saucers, scared of dogs, and drooling over the idea of Speedy Gonzales for dinner!
  • SPEEDY - Swing Ding Amigo
    Speedy's A-Go-Go Club is the hottest spot in town. Unfortunately, it's right downstairs from Daffy, who's trying to sleep. Daffy tries pounding on the floor (ignored), stuffing cotton in his ears (it pops out), smashing Speedy with a mallet through the phone (Speedy smashes Daffy instead) . Failing that, Daffy drills a hole in the floor and drops in a hand grenade. It keeps popping back up through holes in ever more distant places, the last of which is a rowboat in the middle of the lake. Daffy tries locking Speedy out, but Daffy shoots at Speedy with a shotgun, making a hole in the door. He tries sucking Speedy out with a vacuum cleaner, but Speedy fills it with gunpowder. Daffy gives up, and joins the band on cymbals from his bed.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Feather Finger
    Daffy Duck, broke and impoverished and desperately needing money, finds an offer for $15 to shoot a small moving target. He goes to Mayor Katt for the request and he tells them about how Speedy Gonzales has been wreaking havoc. So, he goes out to catch him. However, after Daffy catches him, he is outraged to hear that he didn't work the full time and doesn't get the fifteen dollars, so Speedy Gonzales is set loose after Mayor Katt and Daffy Duck fight. Daffy is then once again begging for donations.moreless
  • SPEEDY - A Squeak in the Deep
    Daffy and Speedy both enter a yacht race. Speedy uses a bathtub; Daffy pulls the plug. Speedy comes back with a small raft; Daffy drops his anchor on the raft and sinks it. Speedy uses a helium balloon to drop onto Daffy's boat and suggests they work together. Daffy refuses; Speedy hides in the firehose, which Daffy chops to bits. Speedy turns on the water and washes Daffy into the sea. Daffy ties an anvil to Speedy and throws it overboard, but Speedy has tied Daffy to it. Speedy bashes Daffy, stuck in a porthole, with a baseball bat until he agrees to split the winnings 50-50 and work together. "Together" turns out to be Daffy swimming behind and pushing and speeding up when a shark shows up.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Snow Excuse
    Speedy is freezing, so he tries to steal some wood from evil Daffy Duck to make a fire.
  • SPEEDY - A-Haunting We Will Go
    While trick-or-treating, Daffy's newphew meets Witch Hazel.
  • SPEEDY - Daffy Rents
    After Speedy Gonzales wreaks havoc and gets cats hospitalized, Daffy Duck is called to put a stop to it involving a big cash settlement. He hires a robot known as Herman to do his dirty work for him, although even he can't stop Speedy.
  • SPEEDY - Mexican Mousepiece
    Daffy Duck, who has mice living in his house, decides on a way to dispose of them; to send them across the seas for starving cats over there to feast on. He pretends to be helpful to the mice, however, the mice are on to him and enlist the help of Speedy Gonzales. He knows of the plan and foils the plan by tricking him into having the wrong box into a box of fireworks that injure Daffy. At the end with the mice on an opposite cliff than Daffy Duck, Daffy tries to catapult himself across. Unfortunately, he is flattened and Speedy suggests they send HIM over the seas.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Mucho Locos
    Speedy Gonzales and a little boy mouse watch a broken television set in a junkyard using their imaginations to create a picture. They imagine clips from old Warner cartoons, about the "smart mouse" (Speedy) and the "stupid duck"
  • SPEEDY - The Astroduck
    Daffy Duck rents a rundown hacienda as a place to rest for the summer, only to find obnoxious rodent Speedy Gonzales already a longtime resident
  • SPEEDY - Go Go Amigo
    In Mexico, Daffy Duck is the owner of an electronics store where Speedy Gonzales and his friends are celebrating Speedy's birthday by playing music on Daffy's merchandise. When a furious Daffy uses violent methods to try to stop the mice from using his valuable equipment, he is wrapped in a rope by Speedy and placed on a rotating, vinyl record turntable.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Chili Corn Corny
    Daffy owns a cornfield. A crow sits outside, dejected, because he's starving and won't take any corn. The scarecrow frightens him and justifiably so because Daffy is hiding inside with a shotgun. Speedy tries to help, but Daffy comes by in a helicopter. Speedy runs him through a thresher. Next, an aerial attack, but the crow runs into an iron cornstalk. Daffy offers each of the friends all the corn they can eat if each gets rid of the other. Speedy says no, but the crow is all too willing. Speedy is willing to let the crow get rid of him, but the crow can't do it - but Daffy offers the entire cornfield for the chance to shoot Speedy, and the crow accepts.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Well Worn Daffy
    Speedy and a few of his buddies are dying of thirst in the desert. They find a water well, but Daffy and his camel also find that well and they protect the well, not allowing the mice to get any water. At the end, Daffy and his camel have all the water they need, so they try to blow up the well with dynamite. Speedy attaches this dynamite to the camel and it drives Daffy and his camel right out of the desert. Then they come back, dying of thirst, and Speedy gives them water - high powered right out of the hose.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Assault and Peppered
    Daffy runs a ranch. He won't let the starving mice in. They call on their cousin Speedy, who arrives and knocks Daffy's beak off. Daffy demands a duel. Daffy fires a cannon at Speedy, who outruns the cannonball and somehow gets it to turn back on Daffy. Speedy comes by to borrow a cannonball; he climbs into the cannon and rolls it home. Daffy plants land mines between their two forts and then loses the map to Speedy. He finds them, one by one, as he walks home. Speedy gets tired of fighting and goes home, so Daffy celebrates with a 21-gun salute: 21 cannons pointed at Speedy's door, which of course turn back on Daffy just as he pulls the trigger.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Moby Duck
    SPEEDY - Moby Duck
    Episode 20
    Daffy Duck, stranded on a desert island and starving, finds canned food on an island. However, there's one problem, Speedy Gonzales has the only available can opener.
  • SPEEDY - Cats and Bruises
    Everyone is having fun when Sylvester ruins the fiesta for the mice.
  • SPEEDY - It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
    Granny hires Sylvester to take Speedy away.
  • SPEEDY - Road to Andalay
    Sylvester Cat uses a hunting bird, Malcolm Falcon, in another unsuccessful attempt to catch Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico.
  • SPEEDY - Pancho's Hideaway
    A hot-tempered bandit, Pancho Vanilla, robs a Mexican bank and rushes to his hideout to count the loot. Speedy Gonzales, Mexico's fastest mouse, follows Pancho there, intending to return the money to the bank. He challenges Pancho to a duel and then speeds past him again and again, bringing every cent of the money back to the bank and causing a flustered and enraged Pancho to shoot himself in the feet.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Nuts and Volts
    Sylvester Cat turns to automation in hopes it will help him catch the fastest mouse in Mexico, Speedy Gonzales. He builds a robot to chase Speedy around their house, but Speedy outsmarts Sylvester's new mechanical stooge, reducing it to a heap of scrap metal
  • SPEEDY - A Message To Gracias
    Sylvester Cat has caught and eaten every messenger the Mexican revolutionary mice send to General Gracias. So, Speedy Gonzales is summoned to outwit and outrun Sylvester and reach the General with an important message, which turns out to be a birthday greeting!
  • SPEEDY - Chili Weather
    Mice call for Speedy and Sylvester chases Speedy in the chili factory.
  • SPEEDY - Mexican Cat Dance
    Mexican mice take over a bullfight ring after all the people have left, and they arrange their own entertainment, with Speedy Gonzales as a matador and Sylvester Cat substituting for a bull.
  • SPEEDY - Mexican Boarders
    Speedy Gonzales' lethargic cousin, Slowpoke Rodriguez, comes to visit Speedy's hacienda, to the delight of Sylvester Cat, who is confident he will be able to catch Slowpoke for dinner.
  • SPEEDY - The Pied Piper of Guadalupe
    Sylvester plays Mexican music on his flute in an attempt to catch all the mice. They can't resist the music so they come dancing out of their mouse hole, one at a time. Speedy is the only one who resists. Later in the cartoon Slowpoke Rodriguez comes to visit. He is hungry but is too slow to get food out of the kitchen without getting caught by Sylvester. Speedy goes for him but gets stuck in a glue trap set up by Sylvester. Lucky for him he had a bottle of tobasco sauce in his hand and when Sylvester lifts him up to eat him, the tobasco sauce poors into his mouth. The "heat" sends him through the roof and he gets badly injured and has a cast on his leg. At the end Speedy asks him if he wants his musical instrument back. He says no and Speedy says "well, ok". Then he starts playing the same music, forcing Sylvester to dance and hurt his already casted leg even more.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Cannery Woe
    The mayor calls for Speedy so that all the mice will have cheese.
  • SPEEDY - West of the Pesos
    Sylvester Cat is a guard at a Mexican experimental laboratory where mice are confined for research. The families of the captured mice place a call to Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico, to help them rescue their compadres. Speedy comes and engages in the usual battle of wits and feet with Sylvester.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Here Today, Gone Tamale
    Sylvester is guarding a ship full of cheese. Among the ways Speedy defeats him: when trapped in a butterfly net, he runs Sylvester into a railing; he lures Sylvester into a Limburger storeroom and locks him in (Sylvester emerges, blue); Sylvester lures Speedy, hoping to smash him with a mallet, but smashes his own hand; Sylvester rigs a hair-trigger guillotine on the main entry, but Speedy comes up the mooring line -- then lures Sylvester out past the guillotine, which shaves his back; Sylvester blocks the gangplank except for a pipe leading into his mouth -- Speedy runs in to the tip of Sylvester's tail, then out the other end. Finally, the mice are dancing, and Sylvester decides, if you can't beat them, join them: He puts on some mouse ears and joins the dance.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Mexicali Schmoes
    A pair of not-too-bright Mexican cats, one shorter-tempered than the other, decide to chase Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico. And when their schemes - involving use of guitars, a fishing rod, dynamite, and land mines - all backfire, they decide to try catching Slowpoke Rodriguez, Mexico's slowest mouse. But the short-tempered cat learns too late that Slowpoke packs a gun.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Tortilla Flaps
    A hungry crow intrudes on a party honoring Speedy Gonzales, Mexico's fastest mouse, and tries to catch and eat some of Speedy's friends. Speedy leads the crow on a frustrating and violent chase that demoralizes the crow into surrendering and joining in Speedy's party, as the center of a dart board, and the target of a ball-throw.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Gonzales' Tamales
    SPEEDY - Gonzales' Tamales from the show Looney Tunes is an animated short that feautures Speedy Gonzalez and Sylvester. The male mice in the town are frustrated with Speedy Gonzalez, so they come up with a plan to get Speedy out of town. They stage a fight between Speedy and Sylvester, hoping this will allow for Sylvester to scare Speedy into leaving for good.moreless
  • SPEEDY - Tobasco Road
    Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico, runs to the rescue of his two drunken rodent friends, Pablo and Fernando, who keep wandering into the hungry clutches of an alley cat.

  • SPEEDY - Speedy Gonzales
    Mice call Speedy for food so that they can eat cheese.
  • SPEEDY - Cat-Tails For Two
    George and Benny try to catch Speedy Gonzales.
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