Looney Tunes - Season 25

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • SNIFFLES - Lost and Foundling
    Sniffles hatches an egg that's rolled into his home, and raises the chick, naming him "Orville." Then he finds out the bird is really a mouse-eating hawk. Unfortunately, Orville finds out also.
  • SNIFFLES - The Unbearable Bear
    Sniffles the mouse's non-stop talking foils both the burglar and a tipsy Officer Bear, who's trying to sneak past his rolling pin-toting, sleepwalking wife
  • SNIFFLES - The Brave Little bat
    When his car breaks down out in the country, Sniffles the mouse takes shelter in an old mill, where he meets up with "Batty," a non-stop-talking little bat who later save Sniffles from a hungry cat.
  • SNIFFLES - Toy Trouble
    Toys come alive and Sniffles must stop them.
  • SNIFFLES - Sniffles Bells the Cat
    After a few too many close calls, Sniffles and his friends decide that the best way to keep themselves safe from the cat is to put a bell around its neck. When it comes time for someone to do the job, though, Sniffles is left holding the short straw. So off he goes with his friend the inchworm to find the cat at bell it. The cat, however, may have other plans.moreless
  • SNIFFLES - Bedtime for Sniffles
    Sniffles wants to stay awake so that he'll meet Santa Claus, but he starts to become sleepy.
  • SNIFFLES - The Egg Collector
    Sniffles the mouse and his friend the Bookworm decide to take up egg collecting, setting their eyes upon a big barn owl egg. But the big barn owl isn't so hot on the idea.
  • SNIFFLES - Sniffles Takes a Trip
    Sniffles the mouse is in the country for a restful vacation, but the woodland creatures keep him awake and eventually frighten him into scurrying back to the city.
  • SNIFFLES - Hush My Mouse
    Take-off on the "Duffy's Tavern" radio program, with tough-guy Eddie G. Robincat demanding a meal of mouse knuckles, "of which we ain't got none," waiter Filligan informs his absentee boss on the phone. To fill the plate, Filligan then tries to catch the blabbermouth mouse, Sniffles.
  • SNIFFLES - Sniffles and the Bookworm
    Literary characters come to life late at night in a bookshop, serenading Sniffles the mouse with swing music until the Frankenstein monster intrudes
  • SNIFFLES - Little Brother Rat
    Sniffles the mouse has to get an owl's egg for a scavenger hunt, but once he's gotten it, the egg hatches and draws the attention of the mouse-eating father owl.
  • SNIFFLES - Naughty But Mice
    Sniffles went to the pharmacy to get medicine for his cold.