Looney Tunes - Season 29

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • COOL CAT - Injun Trouble
    Cool Cat travels through Injun Territory coming across several politically incorrect Native American Indians and their antics.
  • COOL CAT - Bugged by a Bee
    Hipster Cool Cat arrives in his dune buggy at Disco Tech college, where he is a student. Cool Cat decides to be an athlete for the college. To impress some girls, he tries to pole vault. A bee's sting causes him to make an incredible leap over the pole. With every sport that Cool Cat plays, the same bee stings him at an opportune time, resulting in bursts of energy that enable Cool Cat to row fast, leap hurdles, and score football touchdowns. Disco Tech becomes number one in college sports, and the bee is awarded.moreless
  • COOL CAT & RIMFIRE - Hippydrome Tiger
    Col. Rimfire tells his "faithful robot elephant", Ella, that he is determined once and for all to capture that troublesome tiger, Cool Cat. After Ella mistakingly points Rimfire to a rabbit, Rimfire discovers that Cool Cat has gone to Paris... namely to enter the Le Mans road race. Rimfire goes after Cool Cat with his rifle but the cat just calmly states, "Get off my chariot!" After sending Rimfire into the lake with a drop of oil on the track and returning a torpedo launched by the colonel to whence it came, the colonel and his elephant trap Cool Cat in his car but he escapes out the tailpipe followed by Rimfire. As a result, the elephant (being the only one left on the car), comes in first and is deemed a hero. Having lost the spotlight to an elephant, the cat agrees to let Rimfire continue chasing him!moreless
  • COOL CAT & RIMFIRE - Big Game Haunt
    Colonel Rimfire chases Cool Cat into a deserted house. Unfortunately, they are not alone. A ghost tries to befriend the two, but neither of them want to be friends with him because he is a spook.
  • COOL CAT & RIMFIRE - 3 Ring Wing-ding
    Col. Rimfire reads a newspaper ad announcing a $1,000 reward for a live tiger. He spots Cool Cat, and the chase is on again...this time the hunter herding the tiger to the circus. The two chase each other through a series of the usual acts (e.g., the Indian snake charmer, arcade games, the seal act, the human cannonball and sticking the head into the lion's mouth). Each time, Col. Rimfire gets the worst end of the act. However, he temporarily evens the score by calling Cool Cat's bluff as Asbesto, the Fire Eater (by forcing him to swallow fire). After a round on the trapeze, the ringmaster (who has been observing the goings-on) decides to hire both Col. Rimfire and Cool Cat for his upcoming shows, offering $500 to join the show. Both accept, but Cool Cat divides their first week's wages ("Four for you and one, two, three, four for me!").moreless
  • COOL CAT & RIMFIRE - Cool Cat
    We are introduced to Cool Cat, a hip-talking tiger, and his adversary Colonel Rimfire and his mechanical elephant Ella. The hunter tries to shoot Cool Cat while in a jungle.