Looney Tunes - Season 47

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • MISC. - Fright Before Christmas
    During Christmastime, a pair of pilots flying a wild Tasmanian Devil over the North Pole to Australia lose the beast, who ends up inadvertently donning Santa Claus' garb and saddling in St. Nick's sleigh. Meanwhile, Bugs is reading to his nephew Clyde Twas the Night Before Christmas when "Santa" shows up. Bugs sends Clyde off to bed and has some fun with the Tasmanian Devil Santa Claus.

  • MISC. - The Yolks on You
    Plot Summary for The Yolks on You (1980) (TV) Foghorn Leghorn assigns Prissy, who's been laying some odd, unsatisfactory eggs, to lay turquoise eggs for Easter. When she messes up and lays a golden egg, she discards it. It's discovered by impoverished pals Daffy Duck and Sylvester, whose friendship fades rapidly as the two take turns stealing the egg from one another.moreless
  • MISC. - Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol
    Yosemite Sam is miserly Ebenezer Scrooge in this spoof of Charles Dickens' classic tale. Porky Pig, as Scrooge's clerk, Bob Cratchit, is fired on Christmas eve for the unpardonable act of using coal to keep warm. When Scrooge evicts Cratchit and his family from their modest dwelling, heroic Bugs Bunny decides to dress like a ghost and teach the hot-tempered miser a lesson on the meaning of Christmas.moreless
  • MISC. - Leon Schlesinger Presents Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny and friends sing and dance to promote the sale of government bonds in support of the war effort.
  • MISC. - (blooper) Bunny!
    A "behind the scenes" look at the making of "The Bugs Bunny 51st and a Half Anniversary Spectacular" complete with shakey camera and a variety of "outtakes" from stars Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Yosemite Sam.
  • MISC. - The Wild Chase
    A race is organised in Mexico to answered who are the much speed beween Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse of Mexico and Road Runner, the fastest bird of the Texas. But Wile E. and Sylvester wants out competitors for their dinners.
  • MISC. - This is a Life?
    Parody of "This is Your Life," with Elmer Fudd as the host and Bugs Bunny as the guest of honor, much to the disgust of Daffy Duck. On several occassions, Granny has to whack Daffy over the head to get him to be quiet. Meanwhile, Bugs reminisces with Elmer and Yosemite Sam about their previous encounters (reviewed via footage from past Bugs Bunny cartoons). Elmer and Sam plan to present Bugs with a special gift (a time bomb) in appreciation of their "friendship," but Daffy (still believing he was meant to be the guest) grabs the gift and takes the resulting explosion.moreless
  • MISC. - Carrotblanca
    In Casablanca, Bugs Bunny runs an American bar and only looks out for himself. When he is given secret papers that will help defeat the rule of General Pandemonium. However when Bugs falls for Kitty, the wife of the leader of resistance, things change for him and he finds himself having to put himself on the line.moreless
  • MISC. - Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers
    After ruined Elmer, Yosemite and Daffy, Bugs wake a morning and realise that his best ennemies are replaced by clones and same himself is a clone by a group of strange carrots from outer space
  • MISC. - A Star is Bored
    Bugs is interviewed by a hollywood reporter named lolly, hence raising the ire of daffy, who resolves to compete with bugs in several productions.
  • MISC. - The Scarlet Pumpernickel
    In this episode, Daffy "Dumas" Duck, Porky Pig, Mother Bear, Henery Hawk, Slyvester and Elmer Fudd appears. The episode begins at the WB studios where Daffy is trying to get J. L. (the director) to let Daffy do a dramatic movie. He tells him the story about "The Scarlet Pumpernickel", which is about a handsome masked desperado who has to save Melissa from being married to the Grand Duke arranged by the Lord High Chamberlain. Eventually, the Scarlet Pumpernickel saves Melissa. As the story continues (about 1666 pages later) the Duke and the Scarlet Pumpernickel duel for Melissa. Soon after that, a storm breaks, the dam breaks, a volcano erupts and food prices sky-rocket! "There was nothing left for the Scarlet Pumpernickel to do, but blow his brains out...(pulls out a gun and points it at himself) which he did" Daffy concluded before shooting himself. His final quote, "It's getting so you have to kill yourself to sell a story around here!"moreless