Looney Tunes - Season 7

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Abominable Snow Rabbit
    The Abominable Snow Rabbit
    Episode 12.12.42
    Bugs and Daffy decide to tunnel underground over to Palm Springs. Wrong directions end them up in the Himalayas where they run into trouble with the Abominable Snowman...
  • Bugs Bonnets
    Episode 20
    Bugs and Elmer Fudd exchange blows when wearing different hats give them different personalities.
  • Devil May Hare
    Episode 19
    In an effort to avoid being eaten, Bugs helps Taz find food. He feeds him an inflatable pig, a chicken made of bubblegum and then phones in a wife for Taz.
  • Bugs and Thugs
    Episode 18
    Bugs picks the wrong cab to take as soon finds out he's on a gangster getaway vehicle. The gangsters hold him hostage, but bugs soon becomes too much for even them to handle.
  • Ballot Box Bunny
    Episode 15
    Bugs runs against Yosemite Sam in this political comic farce. Bugs opting for "speak softly and carry a big stick" and Sam opting for "speak louder and carry a bigger stick."
  • ELMER FUDD - Crows' Feat
    In this animated short, two crows are bound for Guadalajara on the wings of a jetliner. However, a delicious cornfield waylays them. At first they have a casual conversation with a scarecrow, whom they assume is protecting the field. After beating it up, they then discover that farmer Elmer Fudd is actually guarding his field. Fudd outfoxes them time and time again, until they finally reconsider their stopover.moreless
  • 8/6/49
    Bugs goes to the racing track and fools around with the racing dogs. When the race starts, he gets the hounds to run off the track, get in a taxi cab, and sent off to the pound.
  • ELMER FUDD - What's My Lion?
    A lion hides in Elmer's house due to hunting season.
  • Frigid Hare
    Episode 11
    On a two-week vacation from Warner Bros., Bugs Bunny is burrowing to Miami Beach. Taking that proverbial "wrong turn" he arrives instead at the South Pole, where he is knocked over by a cute little penguin and a big dumb Eskimo chasing it. Bugs is dtermined to leave; the penguin wants to go with him. Bugs pretends to stay and kicks the bird into the Eskimo's sack, but returns to rescue the pengion by pretending to be a female Eskimo.moreless
  • ELMER FUDD - Dog Gone People
    Dog Gone People is episode 7 from season ten of the classic series Looney Tunes. This episode originally aired on November 11, 1956 and features that lovable lisping hunter Elmer Fudd. In this episode Elmer tries to keep his boss happy by dog sitting for him. Hilarity ensues when the dog, who thinks he is a person too, takes over.moreless
  • Bowery Bugs
    Episode 10
    Bugs recounts a story of how he tricked a man so much so that he jumped off a bridge.
  • ELMER FUDD - A Mutt in a Rutt
    Elmer's dog, Wover watches television and learns about how masters treat their dogs.
  • Haredevil Hare
    Episode 9
    Bugs gets blasted into space with a payload of carrots. He makes it all the way up to the moon and meets Marvin the Martian and stops him from blowing up the Earth.
  • ELMER FUDD - Ant Pasted
    The ants declare war after Elmer Fudd blew up their colony with his firecracks.
  • ELMER FUDD - Each Dawn I Crow
    On Elmer's farm, cock-o'-the-walk John Rooster is led to believe by the sadistic narrator of the cartoon that Elmer is sharpening his axe in preparation for a chicken dinner--with John as the dinner.
  • Hare Ribbin'
    Episode 6
    A Russian dialect dog wants a rabbit sandwich out of Bugs who pretends to be a sexy mermaid and beats the dog with his tail. Eventually Bugs makes a sandwich out of himself and as soon as the dog takes a bite Bugs pretends to be dying. The dog is so upset he dies.moreless
  • ELMER FUDD - An Itch in Time
    Elmer Fudd's dog is annoyed by a pesky flea that is looking for a new home, and when the flea takes a bite, the dog scratches itself. Fudd tries to get rid of the flea by giving his dog a bath, and he warns his K9 companion that if he sees another scratch, the dog will be out on the street.moreless
  • ELMER FUDD - Nutty News
    ELMER FUDD - Nutty News is an episode from the classic show Looney Toons that aired on Cartoon Network. Elmer Fudd acts as narrator for a national news-style show. Fireflies are having a blackout in the Eastern US, new saftey signs have been put up, the navy has added the U.S.S. California to its ships on sea patrol, and more.moreless
  • Buckaroo Bugs
    Episode 4
    The masked maurader strikes again! A local dopey-hero is hired to catch the villain. Bugs gives the hero a hard time until he realizes that the masked maurader is bugs!
  • ELMER FUDD - Good Night, Elmer
    Elmer tries to get a good night's sleep but cats keep on making him awake.
  • ELMER FUDD - The Hardship of Miles Standish
    An old man (Elmer Fudd) recounts to his grandson the story of Miles Standish. Fifty years ago, Miles loved a beautiful girl, but he was shy in making his affections known. Miles soon asked Fudd to deliver a love-letter to the woman, and after some great difficulty, Fudd accomplished the task. Unfortunately, a freak bolt of lightning hampered Standish's long-term plans.moreless
  • ELMER FUDD - Confederate Honey
    It's 1862, and a southern belle named Crimson has eyes for Ned Cutler (Elmer Fudd), a Confederate soldier who wants to ask her for her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the Civil War starts before Cutler can pop the question, and the soldier heads into battle. Meanwhile, Crimson hangs a lantern outside her window and waits for Cutler's return.moreless
  • 3/2/40
    Elmer wants to take pictures of wildlife but bugs won't let Elmer take a picture of him.