Looney Tunes - Season 8

Daily 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 19, 1929 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Hare Tonic
    Hare Tonic
    Episode 11.09.45
    Elmer Fudd takes Bugs home for his "wabbit stew." Bugs replicates a radio announcement saying that all rabbits purchased in the past few days have "rabbititus." In a frenzied state, Fudd tries to get rid of the rabbit, but Bugs doesn't make it easy.
  • Rabbit Romeo
    Episode 20
    Elmer's uncle, Judd, promises him $500 if he will watch his lovesick rabbit, Millicent. When Elmer gets Bugs to come over and keep Millie company, crazy things start happening.
  • Roman Legion Hare
    Episode 18
    In the Roman Colosseum "victims" are being fed to the lions. When the Emperor needs more victims, Yosemite Sam selects Bugs Bunny. Sam chases Bugs around the colosseum until he tricks both Sam and the Emperor into the ring to face the beasts themselves.
  • 10/10/11
    Bugs Bunny tries to head into the South for a crop of carrots but is stopped by Yosemite Sam and the Confederate Army.
  • Oily Hare
    Episode 14
    A Texas oilman and his assistant, Maverick, try everything to get Bugs to move his hole from their oil fields because no oil is coming from his hole. After many pranks Bugs does not move and carrots end up spewing out of his hole, not oil.
  • Hurdy-Gurdy Hare
    Episode 13
    Bugs, the entrepreneurial bunny, reads a classified ad for a hurdy gurdy and monkey and decides to go into the music business.
  • A tom-boyish Little Red Riding Hood takes Bugs (that's tucked away in her picnic basket) home to Grandma. Once she gets there, she finds out that a wolf is hiding in the bed, in place of Grandma, and wants to eat the rabbit she's carrying. Little Red Riding Hood keeps bothering the wolf while she continues to describe his characteristics.

  • Mutiny on the Bunny
    Episode 11
    Shanghai Sam tricks Bugs into sailing with him and then makes him do all the work. Bugs takes control of the boat angering Sam who shoots at the boat. When the boat sinks Sam and Bugs have to use the lifeboat to get back to shore.
  • Rabbit Transit
    Episode 8
    Bugs and Cecil Turtle decide to have their own "tortoise and the hare" race. After many pranks, Bugs wins the race, but Cecil calls the cops to arrest him because he was speeding.
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - Don't Axe Me
    A guess is coming to Elmer's house and atempts to kill Daffy.
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - Quack Shot
    Elmer goes fishing but Daffy keeps on disturbing him while fishing.
  • The Old Grey Hare
    Episode 6
    Elmer Fudd asks God when he will finally be able to catch Bugs. God tells him to look far into the future so he imagines a little Elmer still trying to catch a baby Bugs years down the line. Back in present time Bugs tricks Elmer into a grave and buries him alive with a bomb inside the coffin.moreless
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - Design for Leaving
    Daffy Duck is a salesman for a futuristic appliance company, who, against Elmer Fudd's will, modernizes Fudd's house with many screwball gadgets, none of which work in Fudd's favor.

  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - Wise Quackers
    Daffy the salesman tries to sell Elmer a house.
  • 10/10/11
    Bugs Bunny challenges Cecil Turtle to another race. Upset that he lost last time, Bugs builds a streamlined turtle shell believing it will help. However, other rabbits who are determined to help Bugs win mistake him for the turtle -- and beat him up. Cecil wins again!
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - What Makes Daffy Duck
    Daffy tries to divert the riffle of Elmer toward the fox who pursues daffy with intent to kill.
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - A Pest in the House
    Elmer and Daffy work at a hotel. A tired customer comes in and tells Elmer that if he doesn't get any sleep, he'll punch him in the nose. Daffy leads the customer up to his room. Then Daffy does stuff like opening windows (in a busy city), singing, laughing loudly, ect. that causes the customer to go down the elevator and smacks him in the nose, painfully.moreless
  • 10/10/11
    Elmer Fudd and his dogs are hunting for Bugs Bunny in the woods. Just as Fudd is about to shoot Bugs, he receives a telegram telling him that his uncle is leaving him three million dollars -- on the condition that he doesn't harm any animals.
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - The Stupid Cupid
    Elmer falls in love with another girl and Daffy being the cupid tells Elmer what to do.
  • The Heckling Hare
    Episode 1
    A dopey dog goes sniffing down Bug's hole to find a rabbit. While he digs, Bugs comes out and watches. The bunny gives him a big kiss on the face and the dog chases after him in hot pursuit.
  • DAFFY & ELMER FUDD - To Duck or Not to Duck
    After Elmer Fudd hunted down the duck, Daffy challenges him to a boxing match.