Looney Tunes

Season 20 Episode 40

SPEEDY - Rodent to Stardom

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 23, 1967 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

While admiring the "footprints of famous stars" in fromt of the Chinese theater in Hollywood, he sees Speedy's footprints and gets angry, scoffing at them. Then a famous director who goes by the name of Harvey Hassenpfeffer drives by in his limo and "discoveres" Daffy, taking him to his studio, "Colossal Pictures," to film a movie starring him called "Nursery Rhyme Revue." Once there, Daffy discovers that Speedy will be in the picture, and when it's time to film, Daffy witnesses Speedy performing a "The Sky is Falling," and Daffy is called up as Speedy's stuntman stand-in, so when Daffy performs a fancier "Sky is Falling" scene, parts of the ceiling come crashing down on him. Then they do a "Rock-a-Bye Baby" scene with Speedy in a cradle on the ground (as he sings the first half of the nursery rhyme) and Daffy thinks this is easy, until he's placed into another cradle on a 12-foot tall tree, and he suffers a huge fall with the cradle crashing through the ground for the final half of the poem. Daffy tricks Speedy into getting an "autograph" by trapping him in an autograph book and placing him in a public library. When Hassenpfeffer notices that Speedy is missing, he puts Daffy in the next scene: a love scene where he rescues the actress Ducky Lamour from a tall tower. Daffy once again, falls down onto the ground, and that's not the worst part. Before he gets a chance to kiss him, his stand-in is called in, who is SPEEDY GONZALES!
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