Looney Tunes

Season 20 Episode 30

SPEEDY - Snow Excuse

Aired Daily 1:00 PM May 21, 1966 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On Mt. Popocatepil (where the temperature is lower that 20 below), Speedy is freezing in his tiny little log cabin hoping for some firewood. Then he notices a nice-looking log cabin at the bottom (complete with smoke coming out of its chimney), thinking that his neighbor might have plenty of firewood for him. He races down and knocks on the door. Daffy Duck answers, and tells him that rodents SHOULD freeze to death. When Speedy knocks again, Daffy tells him he'll get one piece of wood for him, but in reality he shoots him away with his rifle. Then Speedy decides to trick him by surprise. Daffy brings the wood inside (except for one log) and Speedy takes one (the one left over) and zooms off, when Daffy promises to catch him. After that, Speedy wants more wood so he searches for another way in, and tries a small ventilation pipe (leading to the icebox for coldness), causing Daffy to shoot at him from the outside, and catches him from inside the icebox. Then the gun goes off shooting Daffy. Speedy runs off with another log. Then he distracts Daffy to keep his front door open, and when Daffy discovers, Speedy zooms toward the back door, but when he opens it a cat is guarding it! Turns out, it's just Daffy in disguise, who then answers the door thinking it's Speedy, and he shoots the postman's feet, causing him to beat up Daffy. Speedy gets away with a third log. Then when Daffy thinks Speedy decided to freeze, Speedy actually gets away with a portion of the log cabin! Speedy then has Daffy ride it like a sled, hurting the duck. Later Daffy walks out of the cabin holding logs for Speedy, whom avoids various hidden mousetraps in the snow to get to the logs, and discovers they're fake! (They're ice logs covered with chocolate.) Speedy slams the Dafster's foot with one and makes away with a real log. Daffy chases him and gets caught in the mousetraps. Speedy tells Daffy there's a present for him and that he'll be sorry for not getting it. There's a small firecracker in it, which makes a big explosion, causing Speedy to get more logs! Speedy decides to play by beginning to make a snowman, but Daffy is coming up. Speedy accidentally loses one of the snowballs, which gets bigger as it rolls down, flattening Daffy and crashing his log cabin! Now Speedy has a fire and he's happy, but then he answers a knock at the door. There's a huge gray mouse who wants to stay with Speedy for the night, and Speedy allows it. Then the mouse takes off his mask (it's actually Daffy Duck) and tells us if you can't beat them, join them!