Looney Tunes

Season 20 Episode 39

SPEEDY - Speedy Ghost to Town

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Jul 29, 1967 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Daffy Duck notices Speedy Gonzales and his friend Miguel walking, and he follows them to a ghost town, where he sees what claims to be a GOLD nugget and a treasure map that leads to a mine "full of the stuff." Daffy can't resist and he begins to chase them through an old saloon with crazy gags. (1) Speedy and Miguel attach Daffy to a self-playing player's piano and play it, (2) Daffy sets up a fake telephone with dynamite under it and Speedy answers and tells Daffy there's a phone call for him, and Daffy suffers the explosion from his own trap, (3) then Daffy hides in one barrel with Speedy in the other, and, being the fool he is, drops a hand grenade's pin inside Speedy's barrel while he keeps the grenade in his own and it blows up, (4) and Daffy puts his head through a hole on a fence to catch Speedy and his map, but Miguel BONKS a horseshoe on Daffy's head and Daffy gets stuck, and after freeing himself, he crash lands back into the saloon and (5) upon landing, a taxidermy bull head trophy lands on Daffy's head like a mask and he and Speedy play "bullfight." Then the bull mask gets caught in two table stands and Daffy comes out and breaks bottles on a table as he skids across and, getting bounced by a cash register, lands him on a poker card table. (5) Speedy hides in a catsup bottle and comes out while Daffy tries to make him get out and Speedy causes catsup to ZORK onto Daffy. (6) Finally Daffy chases Speedy to the old mine and throws dynamite into there, but Speedy and Miguel wheel the TNT in a mine cart, where the dynamite blows up into Daffy's face. Daffy requests for the booty, and Speedy and Miguel give him the cart full of gold until Daffy kisses and sniffs the gold to find out that it was fool's gold... in other words, CHEESE! This causes Daffy to go into one of his classic "going insane" "woo-hoo woo-hoo" fits, and he bounces away. Miguel wonders what's wrong with "the loco duck?" Speedy guesses that maybe he doesn't like cheese.