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Should soldiers choose their own battles ?

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    [1]Nov 16, 2009
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    Hi loose women I watched the show this morning Monday 16th and i agree with Jane and Robert . My dad is a serving officer in the RAF and if he was sent to Afghan tomorrow he would go no questions asked despite whether he agrees with the war or not that is his job . I dont agree with the war and I dont want our soldiers getting hurt or killed but I definitly think we should be doing something . We dont know what the enemy is capable of afterall look what they do to their own people . And to be quite honest if something was to happen and our soldiers werent there , there would be uproar about that to so it's a bit of a catch 22 . All of my friends are serving soldiers and to be honest this is what they signed up for at most of them can't wait to get out there and protect their country. They knew there was a chance of this and is what they have trained for and would rather be there than doing their day to day jobs in the barracks . I do think though they should have all the relevant equipment but that is another topic. I really think Kate thorton is dreaming and if they got to choose what wars to fight what state would our forces be in . It really maddens me when people have all these airy fairy ideas do you not thing our country is already over the top with all these sort of ideas as it is . Stop encouraging them . Anyway love the show carol your so funny and jane and colleen also bring back Kaye ahe is missed and so far no one has been able to fill her shoes.
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    Hi pinkprincess84, just to let you know, that this is just a fansite, not a direct link to the show at all.
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