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  • deal or no deal

    i would like to tell lisa that the voice of the banker is peter abbay
  • Helping me through my chemo

    I wanted to write a personal thank you to the Loose Women Show! I am a secondary school teacher at an urban comperhensive school and work with children who have special educational needs, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and who have come from difficult backgrounds. Whilst my job is incredibly challenging and tiring - I absolutely love it and pretty much live to work! In March of this year I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and told that, after having a lumpectomy, I would have to undergo six treatments of chemotherapy and then a month of radiotherapy. I was also told that I would be unable to go to work due to the risk of infection. I was so daunted by the prospect of weeks at home alone, lying on my couch and feeling sick!! However, my colleague told me about Loose Women and I decided to give it a go. Every half term I have a bunch of my colleagues over for a girls night and we have a good banter and put the world to rights! I must say that watching Loose Women - it feels just like having the ladies over for a good old banter. This show has literally helped me to cope with my time off, and I feel as though I have been visited by a group of girlfriends every day and we have discussed topical issues (and even disagreed) and had a good old fashioned girly giggle!. What I really like about the show is that although all the women are friends - you are each individual in your own rites and are not afraid to speak your minds and even have heated debates about controversial issues without it affecting your friendships - in my view - that is the true mark of friendship (and something that I think men miss out on in their friendships). I really worried that this time off would find me very depressed and missing my students terribly. But instead - thanks to this show - although I do miss my students a little - I have been thoroughly entertained every day while my own friends are at work and unable to keep me company. ITV in itself is a fantastic channel, and I have also been watching Dickinson's real deal and other programmes, as well as entering the fantastic competitions made available by the Loose Women shows, DIckinson's real deal, and the 2,500 per week competition with Chez (I am hoping my luck will change soon as winning this competition would really be a life changer for me). Wether feeling okay - or lying on the couch with my sick bucket close by, the Loose Women have made me laugh, cry, think ..... I will miss the show so much when the summer comes. I feel as though I know each of you as I know my own friends, and I get something different from each of you - just as I do my own girlfriends. Although you can not see me - I really feel as though you are in my lounge with me. Thank you so much for helping me through this difficult journey in my life, and for making these last few months not only bearable - but fun. Have a great summer ladies!! With much love - Jennifer Walsh (Milton Keynes) xxxxxxxxx
  • I love inset days because it means I can watch Loose Women!!

    I've liked this show for a while now, and I started watching it when I was ill with the flu for a few weeks. I love the individual personalities of the ladies, the topics they cover, and the interesting guests they interview. My favourite panelists are Jane McDonald, Coleen Nolan and Carol (can't remember surname lol). They are so funny and aren't afraid to speak their minds. Plus, Jane is such a down-to-earth person with a talented voice. I only really get to watch this show during the holidays or when I have a morning off, but I love it =D
  • controversial at lunch time....

    Fantastic panel chat show Loose Women is on ITV1 Mon - Fri, see's a panel of women of the celebrity world, Andrea McLean, Jackie Brambles, Colleen Nolan, Denise Welch, Jane McDonald to name but a few, who discuss issues hitting the newspapers and in the media of the day, celebrity gossip, and their own personal experiences. They have 2 or 3 guests a day, and urge audience participation. Personally, I think this show would be better after the 9.00pm watershed, then it would be down right rude. I love this show, and although I am a bloke.... it's pretty much all true.
  • Loose Women is Soo Cool!!!

    I began watching Loose women during my exam leave in summer 07. Series 11 and enjoyed it very much, meeting old faces Denise Welch (Corrie, Waterloo Road), Sherrie Hewson(Emmerdale, Barbara) and Lynda Bellingham (Bonkers, Faith in the Future) and new faces like Jo bunting, zoe tyler , jane mcdonald and carol McGiffin.

    NOw in series 13 a feel part of the family.
    My favorite week is:
    Mon: Jackie, Coleen, Carol, Jo
    Tues: Jackie, Coleen, Lynda, Jane
    Wed: Jackie, Coleen, Carol, Jane
    Thur: Andrea, Lynda, Carol, Jane
    Fri: Andrea, Zoe, Carol, Sherrie

    I have seen new panelists come and go: sinitta and jennifer ellison and also the return of two great actresses sheree murphy and gillian taylforth.

    Id like to see if on during the summer!!!
  • A daily television show with 4 women talking about news topics and chatting with a whole range of celebrity guests. Each day there is a different line up of "Loose Women" and the show is fronted by either Andrea McLean or Jackie Brambles.

    I really like this show and think it is really amusing and informative.Each of the Loose Women are funny and loveable in their own ways.I like the way the show mixes humour,current affairs and news topics with celebrity guests.It is one of the best talk shows on television by far in my opinion and I am deeply upset that it does be on at the very early time of 12.30 when I am still in school.
    I think it would do very well at a later time such as 5.00 when lots more people could tune in and watch.I also like this show because the topics are never dull even though they are current affairs,the girls make the conversation funny and enjoyable.The standard of celebrity guests are great and they are usually well known and interesting.
  • It's the best show on tv and the highlight of my holidays. It's so refreshing to see honest and open debates.

    It's the best show on tv and the highlight of my holidays. It's so refreshing to see honest and open debates. I think it's great to see a 'Yorkshire Lass' on the panel. I also love the humour and the celebrities. I also think it's great to have a mixtue of single and married women because they have different experiences. It's great that such a wide range of issues are covered. I think they are all great and it has taught me that you can express views and disagree witout falling out with people. For me an hour isn't long enough-I could watch it all day. Fab show girls-keep up the good work. Pauline
  • How much I cannot stand Andrea McLean

    Andrea McLean is a total television tragedy. Many people including myself only watch loose women when Jakki Brambles or Denise Welsh host. Today, I decided that maybe I was being harsh so I decided to give Andrea another chance. Just awful. She has no rapport with guests, the panel members are hard pressed to remember not to make it obvious that they dislike her and how are the public expected to take anyone seriously when they spout off about taking wedding vows seriously when everyone knows she cheated on her husband!! Get rid of her and give Jakki the gig full time....
  • Best of best

    Best show ever Coleen is he best different every day best show ever love every second of it loved the day the nolans went on it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it
  • Everyday is different.

    This is a daily lunch time show with a panel of four women of different ages. They discuss different current subjects. They don't always agree with each other, but all seem to remain friends.
    I am a woman in my 40s and can no longer work, so spend a lot of time at home alone. I do miss talking to people about life today, so for me this is a good way to hear other people's opinion's on current subject's.
    They have two different guests each day. Some are interesting and have things to say, some are not and have nothing of interest to say.
    I am pleased to see a chat show like this, rather than just a show where you have one person airing their own view or opinion in such a way that can be taken as forceful.
  • This is my guilty pleasure!

    Loose Women is a topical debate show, presented by four women, leading to many comedic and sometimes inappropriate comments.

    It features many different female celebrities, including: Colleen Nolan, Jackie Brambles, Kaye Adams (the overall presenter who is currently away on maternity leave), Andrea McClean, Sheree Murphy, Carol McGiffin, Jane McDonald, Linda Bellingham, Suzanne Shaw - too name but a few.

    I enjoy it as it features stories that are in the news that day, but from the female perspective, making funny moments and heart to hearts between the women.

    It is the kind of programme you either love or you hate, and i love it!!
  • it doesnt take 5 hours to get ready to go out

    watching your show 24th may sherry thinks it takes 5 hous to get ready to go out weres she coming from in the real worldi get ready in 20 minutes that includes shower make up and dressing and i look good your show takes the biscuit are they real people they portray people that are\spoilt rich **** do they know what its like to live n the real world i suggest they spend a week in the world of people with little or no money and get an insight into how life reaaly works for some people or are they just patronising
  • daily fix!

    i watch loose women everyday, since i've had no school because of exams.

    My favourite quality is that is discusses real issues and the hosts debate them, PLUS the show discusses the minor things that we all think about in our heads but dont want to say anything about.

    Such an example is yesterday, when a reader sent in a letter saying about how many of us, when on a road trip, love stopping at service station... such a random topic but is something everyone thinks about once in a while. The variety of presenters means that we are not fed up of the same people argueing about the same reality topics.

    I love watching this show as I eat my lunch!!
  • Four women discuss current affairs and gossip. With guest stars.

    The only reason I started watching this show was because my mum was one day, and i have to say it soon became a regular thing to sit down eat lunch and watch Loose Women. They discuss current affairs in sometimes a very heated way. The guest stars are always fun and informative and getting them roped into the heated discussions is always good for a laugh. This show appeals because they are discussing importnat issues in such a way that it appeals to women, its not hugely technical they are just giving there opinions, (often disagreeing with each other!)
    Loose Women is a fun way to keep up with currnet affairs, I recommend that everyone gives it a try for a week before they judge.

    fantastic programme I am off from work with a fractured ankle, you women and guests have kept me sane or should that be insane. keep up the good work ,might try to swing a few more weeks off work, but unfortunately dont get paid ,so will probably have to return to work or face repossession, for which I shall hold carol personaly responsible for. thanks for my sanity mandy fletcher. leicester.
  • Car seats.

    Hi girls,
    I just wanted to have a rant about the new car seat laws. Firstly I AGREE with it but secondly its darn expensive to buy them. Why are they not inbuilt in cars? (raised seat like the drivers seat?) Why are they not affordable especially when I sometimes pick up 3 children from school? I am a single mum and I think the law needs to take into account that not everyone can afford 3 car seats!!
    Many thanks,
    Andi Barnes.
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