Lopez Tonight

Season 2 Episode 102

June 9, 2011

Aired Weekdays 11:00 PM Jun 09, 2011 on TBS

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  • "Conan" talk show host Conan O' Brien is appearing on "Lopez Tonight"

    Like I said in tonight's "Conan" review, I don't think it's necessary to review a talk show since I watch both "Conan" and "Lopez Tonight" every single night but since there's the event where George Lopez appears on "Conan" and Conan O' Brien appears on "Lopez Tonight"... I just figured that I would review it because of that awesome event. This event is definitely a night that I will ever forget. While George Lopez and Conan O' Brien's conversation on "Conan" were hilarious... there conversations were hilarious on "Lopez Tonight" as well. George Lopez's stand-up comedy in the first 6 minutes and then do my favorite bit which is "Tweets Don't Fail Me Now" was also funny. Just like what Conan O' Brien said to George Lopez on "Conan, he said that he would want to get George Lopez and Erik Estrada to make up with each other. If you all saw yesterday's "Conan" show with stuntman Steven Ho doing the stunts on Conan O' Brien (which was freakin' hilarious), George Lopez shows the clips of that from yesterday's "Conan" show. Conan O' Brien telling George Lopez of how white he really is without the make-up was funny. It was also hilarious when Conan O' Brien was talking about his 5-year-old son's body and then the audience in the front said "Woo" and then Conan's quote was "Don't woo my son... he is 5 years old... for God's sake... what's the matter with you?" and that was definitely the highlight of "Lopez Tonight". I have never heard of Barry Manilow but the topics that he and George Lopez had were interesting and his music performance was nice as well. Overall, I enjoyed George Lopez appearing on "Conan" tonight and I enjoyed Conan O' Brien appearing on "Lopez Tonight"... this is the night that I will most definitely never forget. 10/10
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