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  • FUNNY!!

    Sure it may be a little off the cuff comedy but it is still funny, jokes that you laugh while saying "George you take it too far" The guests are great, his segements with the sterotypes are excellenet the music is great and the feel of the show is something fresh that late nights talk shows really need.It is the only late night talk show that I watch. Im glad he got this great show and kudos to TBS for picking it up. Long live good comedy and I wish the best for Lopez Tonight. Best talk show on television.
  • George Lopez is the talk show host of "Lopez Tonight" and it's one of the best talk shows I've ever seen

    He is an actor in movies and used to have his own sitcom "George Lopez"... but now, George Lopez has his own talk show. As most of you know, I am a huge George Lopez fan and he is one of the funniest comedians I've ever seen. He makes me laugh so hard. Some of his jokes are messed up but they are hilarious. I have never missed an episode of "Lopez Tonight" and it's always a perfect way to end the night before I get ready to go to sleep for school. I love most of the guests that George Lopez has. Some of his guests that are on this talk show... I've never heard of but I only stick around because of George Lopez. I love it when George Lopez does his stand-up comedy in the first 12 minutes of his talk show. I love that "Tweets Don't Fail Me Now" bit George Lopez does every Thursday and that is when he reads the tweets from his fans that write to him from Twitter. I also love the "So You See, What Happened Was..." bit which is so hilarious. Everything in this talk show is hilarious. George Lopez is a genius at comedy and he never lets me down. I don't see why some people don't think he's funny but oh well, everyone has their own opinions. Overall, one of the best talk shows I've ever seen and I'm glad George Lopez has his own talk show. 10/10
  • "Que Viva George Lopez Y Que Viva La Raza"

    It seems that whenever change happens, such as in Late Night Talk Shows (a format that has been on the air since before Johnny Carson) Anglo-Americans are scared. They fear Latinos because they do not understand their culture, their traditions, their language and most of all their sense of humor. Talk shows like "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" are boring and stale with low ratings. These guys have had free reign of the airwaves for years and now a Latino comes along with "some spice & flare" and they fear him. Afraid that he will steal all the ratings (which he is) and their sponsors (which he will). Latinos are the largest movie-going audience in the country and soon will be the majority of the population. So look out: "It's time for a change, Pinche Gringos" "This is taste of the future in this country!" "Latinos - Keep watching the show and the ratings will continue to go up"
  • a lot of people have talk shows

    in this talk show Actor and comedian George lopez is now a talk show host now george lopez is a actor comedian and now a talk show host. it like when a famous people grows older the decide to have a talk show and it's awesome that george lopez has one and he is so funny and i can want him do funny stand up comedy joke and not have too wait intill one of his comedy speicals are on and his talk show is call Lopez tonight and his features more famous people and they do funny stuff and its a awesome show
  • Impressed with Mr. Lopez, not so much the show just yet... lots of potential tho

    George Lopez has a lot of confidence and stage presence as a late night talk show host. It's really a contrast to someone like Jimmy Fallon... I am not at all disappointed with George Lopez, but rather his guests especially Jamie Foxx, who seems more into hyping the Lopez Tonight than contributing an interesting interview. The set is a much better design than Conan's new tonight show and I applaud Mr. Lopez choice not to use a desk when conducting interviews- maybe in part because he is actually friends with his guests, they seem to have a lot more chemistry than a lot of hosts have... maybe they aren't friends outside of work, who knows, but it sure feels friendly and comfortable- Kind of like Chelsea Handler and her guest panels but without the raunchy conversation. Go G. Lo.
  • No Bueno

    Seriously? Somebody actually thought this guy desrved a talk show or is he paying for this out of pocket? His jokes are tired, he seems desperate, his pandering to Hispanics is devoid of subtlety, and his interviews seem more like his own grasping for validation that geniune interest in the guest. It's long on hype and short on substance. His clumsy execution of a marketer's strategy makes the show feel as cheap as an infomercial. You almost feel bad for him but his attempts to appear confident come off as arrogance which only further repels the viewer. I dare say he makes Jimmy Fallon look like Johnny Carson. Avoid.