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  • "Que Viva George Lopez Y Que Viva La Raza"

    It seems that whenever change happens, such as in Late Night Talk Shows (a format that has been on the air since before Johnny Carson) Anglo-Americans are scared. They fear Latinos because they do not understand their culture, their traditions, their language and most of all their sense of humor. Talk shows like "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" are boring and stale with low ratings. These guys have had free reign of the airwaves for years and now a Latino comes along with "some spice & flare" and they fear him. Afraid that he will steal all the ratings (which he is) and their sponsors (which he will). Latinos are the largest movie-going audience in the country and soon will be the majority of the population. So look out: "It's time for a change, Pinche Gringos" "This is taste of the future in this country!" "Latinos - Keep watching the show and the ratings will continue to go up"