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  • Boring, non-sensical show. Needs to go. 1

    Lopez is not interesting, not funny and a total waste of tv time. The amount of commercials must be because the show started in its death throes and has only gotten worse. Yes, I tried watching it and was unable to finish the episode twice. That's enough of a trial.
  • Don't know what it is, but I like it!

    George Lopez.. new show... titled.. 'Lopez'.. how original.

    So I'm thinking, another sitcom, since he's a comedian.

    But, I'm wrong. It's not a sitcom.

    Hey, the show is actually funny, but its more akin to the 'the Jim Gaffigan show' in format.

    Basically, a variation of George Lopez's real life in action.

    So, anyways, whatever it is, it works, because it was entertaining.

    Lots of context sensitive sarcasm.

    It really every type and kind of racial stereotypes in order to bring him the sarcasm along with some honest to goodness real type of live situations which by themselves can be viewed as very entertaining.

    It's an honest show in all ways which counts.

    It doesn't shy from anything Lopez does or did and its refreshingly entertaining without being dumb.

    So it was time well wasted! :)