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AIRED ON 2/16/2014

Season 4 : Episode 13

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The series follows the life of a succubus named Bo, as she learns to control her abilities, help those in need, and discovers the truth about her origins.

Starring Anna Silk as sexy succubus Bo, Ksenia Solo as perky sidekick Kenzi, and Kris Holden-Reid as light fae hunk Dyson.

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  • Get rid of Kenzie!!!!

    Started watching this serial last week

    Please get rid of Kenzie. One character who has no place since the very beginning in this serial. A character which makes this apparently well directed serial look as a low budget production. She doesn't even know how to act!!!!

    I have rated this series 4 only because of kenzie otherwise 9
  • A little outthere

    please put Bo back with Dyson, and stop all this back and fourth, she only ended with Lauren because Dyson was force to reject her or does anybody remembers. He was the first person she every fell in love with and nobody forgets or get over that. Right now now she is coming off as Bo the hoe having sex with anything with two legs. Lauren is boring and offers nothing trying to pass her off as a doctor that knows everything is crazy what is she Dr. Jerkly and Mr Hyde enough alreadymoreless
  • Make a baby twist and revive the show and Kenzie at least!

    Wow, so that's it huh! Kenzie MUST come back, she really is the heart of the show and she's a fabulous actor. I was so pissed to have Hale die and before she even got to say yes! I think it could have been an interesting story line having him back as Ash and Kenzie as his wife keeping him in line. She could have done so much with that! I really can't see her with Dyson, sorry Ella, its just WAY too wrong, not to mention breaking girl code in a huge and also disturbing way! Come on! That memory loss episode where they were together turned me right off!

    I think Bo and Dyson need to get back together and the writers could really do something with the two of them creating a child as teased in previous episodes. But maybe make it a not planned pregnancy and create something cool about the two blood lines forming making the baby a special part of the show OR another cool twist could be for Kenzie and Hale to come back somehow and them make a baby! I mean, a half-human/half-fae would create a huge diabolical in the show and could bring even more depth for Kenzie's character in the show, making her baby a huge deal in shifting the fae world.

    Either way, the triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren is getting tiring and that supposed `true love`Rainer, was just ridiculous! Dyson is her true love, I mean really, we`ve all seen it. Her relationship with Lauren is cool, I`m all for the gays, but we all know the soul to soul connection is between Bo and Dyson. So get it together writers!

    It's neat that Lauren can now turn Fae into humans, though I don't entirely understand that, I'm curious to see what they do with that. To be honest, I also kinda like her with Evony it's an interesting power shift. I think we've all wanted to bring Evony down a peg or two from time to time, so go Lauren!

    The whole story with Massimo was just dumb and we all know Kenzie should have got that revenge. But his story line went on WAY too long and got way out there for it to end the way it did. I was not impressed. Although it was cool seeing Kenzie with powers, I was hoping they were going to do more with that.

    I really love Tamsin's character in the show and I hope they continue to do something great with her next season. Though I don't think it should be hooking up with Bo.

    Finally, I still really love Bo too and I think if they tie up loose ends creatively enough and weave in some awesome new twists, the writers could really revive the show from it's disappointments and make the viewers happy again. Here's hoping!!!moreless
  • Soft core p0rn with a great story line!

    They've done the impossible with this show.... They've taken the "mixed supernatural society" concept, added in an element of straight up sex, and added a great story line. It's passion and action all in one! A must watch for husbands and wives together as a warm up for foreplay.

    Love the characters, especially their onscreen chemistry.
  • I love this show soo very much

    Kenzi is such a funny and good hearted caracter. My favorite episodes so far are S02E02 and S02E09, this part with "nakedness,..... there was supposed to be nakedness " and the Kenzi's new boots "restraint yay Kenzi" with a bit of finger magic, soo funny kept me smiling 2 days straight.
  • CANADA 1, U.S. 0

    Lost Girl Is Renewed for a Fifth Season In Canada... Will Syfy Bring It to the U.S.?

    Okay Canada, are we going to have to invade or what?


    News Briefs: Syfy Announces January Premiere Dates for Lost Girl, Being Human, and Bitten

    Plus: TBS is cooking up a Thanksgiving Friends marathon, a Smash alum is stopping by The Good Wife, and Jessica Lange explains her impending American Horror Story departure.

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