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The series follows the life of a succubus named Bo, as she learns to control her abilities, help those in need, and discovers the truth about her origins.

Starring Anna Silk as sexy succubus Bo, Ksenia Solo as perky sidekick Kenzi, and Kris Holden-Reid as light fae hunk Dyson.

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  • Remember when?

    I watched lost girl from the beginning and it's never been lost on me that the show is mediocre; its cheap-looking and cheesy with corny misplaced dialogue, ridiculous over the top plots that never seem to be as "serious" as the writers seem to want, the acting is sub-par (either over the top hammy or wooden) with Anna Silk (who plays our protagonist) being possibly the worst actor of all.

    Despite all this it was still in its own way endearing and very watchable with its strong independent women (dundun) to the Gothic chic/film noir feel to but now...

    Hey remember when Bo and Kenzi used to be private investigators? because the writers sure don't! and when Bo wasn't a Bella-swan esque Mary-Sue?

    If I'm being perfectly honest, the Show lacks the budget and talent (both on screen and off) to be a arc-based arc-driven show and even in season 5 its clinging to its "monster of the week" roots with plots that are alluded to for several episodes (or seasons) resolved in ONE episode or LESS when they are FINALLY introduced usually with some combination of a magical McGuffin/helpful stranger/Bo being GOD, the way that at the end of every episode seemingly every drama/threat/end of humanity as we know it!!! Is wrapped up in a neat little bow is not only serendipitous but also anti-climactic and makes all of these "threats" the characters keep waffling on about seem hollow...

    Basically this is a goofy, episodic show that has started to take itself waaay too seriously. I honestly couldn't even finish watching the fifth season episodesmoreless
  • awesome

    loved this ep kept whistling she'll be coming around the mountain all day at work
  • mmm getting worse, hopefully we shall see a comeback

    Rated a 7 because season 4 wasn't the greatest. Rushed, and not well thought out. So many unexplained things happened. I really hope that season 5 improves and also that Kenzi will be there for it. I absolutely adore her and I don't know if I'd be able to continue to watch without her. Bo is good but the Duo is really what made this show spark for me. I await season 5 in 2015.moreless
  • wish there was a better word than love

    I have really been taken aback by how impressed with this show I have found myself. The character development is extremely solid, and they don't take short cuts and easy ways out like many shows do. When Bo's life works out, for better or worse, it feels very natural and not forced. Don't get me wrong, I feel, more often than not, that Bo gets the very short end of the stick. That being said, I am very impressed with the actors and the storyline. It is compelling and difficult not to just blast through the episodes. I actually had to stop myself from watching it to quickly, lest i be waiting for the next season too long.moreless
  • Get rid of Kenzie!!!!

    Started watching this serial last week

    Please get rid of Kenzie. One character who has no place since the very beginning in this serial. A character which makes this apparently well directed serial look as a low budget production. She doesn't even know how to act!!!!

    I have rated this series 4 only because of kenzie otherwise 9

    Lost Girl Finds an End Date: Season 5 Will Be Its Last

    The supernatural drama will conclude after an extended fifth season.

  • CANADA 1, U.S. 0

    Lost Girl Is Renewed for a Fifth Season In Canada... Will Syfy Bring It to the U.S.?

    Okay Canada, are we going to have to invade or what?

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