Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 11

Adventures In Fae-bysitting

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on Showcase

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  • Lauren was pushed to the edge

    I'm still bummed with Lauren and Bo's break-up or what Bo referred to as I can see that Lauren seems lost. She doesn't have a girlfriend anymore, Hale is being an @ss and I think she just lost her purpose as a doctor. I wouldn't be surprised if she will come to Isaac. Why wouldn't she? I mean Isaac definitely knew what she is capable of. He admired all her works.
  • Out goes Lauren

    Seriously, imho Lost girl is getting better and better. Before this review, I am on a struggle whether I liked or hated this episode. On the one hand I really hated that they let Lauren left, on the other hand this episode is jammed packed with information and great one liners that I finally decided that I really liked this episode.

    In this episode Bo and Kenzi gotten a case (from their old flyers) involving a Duppy (sp?) who happened to be a killer machine. To be honest, this case is a bit of a ho hum, so I won't go too deep into it. Basically Bo and Kenzi defeated some bitchy witches and saved the day (again). Bo then released the guppy. Not one of their more sensational cases.

    On the other hand we have Dyson and Tamsin involving a case of a lost twin. The lost twin happened to be the girl that Bo was with in an earlier episode. Remember when Tamsin was so convinced that Bo killed the girl after she succubused her? On looking further into the case Dyson discovered that the dead girl has a bruise pattern on her neck that looks like 6 fingers (creepy). So Dyson together with a very hangover Tamsin went back to the crime scene and discovered a mass grave (more creepy). So it seems like the storyline is headed towards a big fae killer. I really hope that it won't be Bo's dead. With a killer mother and if it turn out she has a killer father, her life is seriously messed up.

    On a more sanguine note, Lauren turn out not be Lauren at all. She had a record and was dugged out by Dr Isaac. Post breakup Lauren really needed to take a break and requested so from Hale aka the Ash. But Hale suddenly decided to become a douche and treated Lauren like some kind of slave. Didn't like that one bit. Lauren perhaps heartbroken, perhaps just had enough of this fae kingdom decided to take a sabbatical anyways (and hence I believe we won't be seeing much of her for the next couple of episodes :()

    Ok, here is one of my theories, I think Dr Isaac is looking very dodgy (anyone else with the same thought?). He might be the mean ole Fae that killed all the faes and Bo will end up saving Lauren somehow.... Go Team Lauren!

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