Lost Girl

Season 1 Episode 13

Blood Lines

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showcase
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    Lost Girl's Season 1 Finale: Exploding With Disappointment

    The Season 1 finale suffered from too many surprises that muddied the impact of the resolutions we'd been waiting for most.

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    Bo learns who her mother is and that those closest to her have been keeping secrets. Feeling betrayed, Bo decides to track down her mother on her own. To protect the woman he loves Dyson visits an ancient Norn, a wish-granting, tree-dwelling crone, where makes a sacrifice that may change his relationship with Bo forever.moreless

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    • Bloodlines

      I loved this episode! I can't believe Dyson though. He needs to think about his wording when making pacts. He said take whatever you need and she took his love. The wolf was no longer what he prized and valued the most it was Bo and she took advantage of that. I am so upset!
    • Blood Lines

      Blood Lines was a really great episode of Lost Girl and I enjoyed watching this episode though I feel some of the revelations were a little short handed. I wish there had been more attention to details about the various Fae and their backgrounds in this episode, especially for Bo's Mother, Trick and the Ancient Norn. I did enjoy the story line and how every thing played out though and it was fun to watch Bo interact with her mother. Kenzi and Hale seem to have some chemistry developing. I wish we would have learned more about the Elders as well. Over all this was a good season finale and I look forward to seeing how things play out in the next season!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Really disappointing reveal to the mystery of who Bo really is. And really stupid stuff in it.

      For the most part, I've been enjoying this show. But, this episode was the WORST.

      From the beginning, they've made a big deal out of who Bo is and how important it was to keep it from her. In this episode we find out what they were hiding and it's so SMALL, it's silly how big a deal the characters made of it.


      Dyson reveals that he knows who her mother is. And, then, BOOM, mom comes and announces she's the mom! What a coincidence!

      Bo's reaction to her mother who just tried to kill her boyfriend is way out there. The mother's motherly phrases were just stupid.

      Bo's been in many, many deadly fights, so what makes THIS one so important that both the blood king and Dyson do something extremely drastic to save her. Yet, neither sacrifice seemed to make that big a difference. Bo gets strong for a few minutes? Bah! Mommy repents just before she dies? Pfff! Big waste of life altering decisions.

      I also don't buy into just how powerful a succubus can be. Surrounded by thrawls? Please!

      And, why did Mom want so badly to have Bo involved in her plot right at that moment.

      All in all, this episode just felt sloppy. Like They were going in an epic direction and just gave up.

    • Totally something different, love Bo the main character, and her wacky side-kick. Fun, funny sexy and original. I give a 100% thumbs up!!

      The first episode moves quickly introducing you to the mysterious world. Bo is not portrait as the innocent sweet heroin, but rather as an heroic villain. The flow of the show is good, the acting is very good, and its a fresh spin on the supernatural world for all us SCI-FI lovers. If you like Supernatural, Charmed etc you will love this, plush its got some nice steamy scenes in it too!!! The new counterpart in the story that plays Bo's lust interest has got that whole jump his bones vibe! He's sweet hunky sexy and you automatically want to see more happening between him and Bo.moreless
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