Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 1

Caged Fae

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2013 on Showcase

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  • Bo and Lauren

    It felt that this episode was shorter than the others. The mission was very simple and lacked action. There were a lot of things happened already but there wasn't a clear explanation. All of sudden Hale became the Acting Ash, and Bo and Lauren's relationship.

    If I could recall, Bo and Lauren love each other but they are always on the gray area, never black or white. But in this episode, it felt that Lauren was waiting for Bo to make a decision which was a bit confusing because it was Lauren who seemed distant and wanted to leave the Fae Community when Nadia died (or was killed by Bo)

    Anyway, this episode wasn't that strong enough to start a new season but hooray for the Doccubus Fans because Bo and Lauren are now an official couple.

    Oh btw, I'm starting to like Vex. He can still be annoying because of his true nature but he's really funny especially the part where he wore a skanky police uniform to piss Dyson.
  • ugh i want more

    how do I see season 3 all of it and see seaon 4 cause I can only get season 1 and 2 on net fix

  • Utterly AMAZING! (No pun intended)

    This episode blew my mind right out of the water! I mean, words cannot express the gratitude I felt with ever fiber of my being with joy from how brilliant this was to the essence of the core. The characters were astonishing to say the least and the riveting story and costumes made me think back to that episode where the Ash was being sneaky. Kenzi's quick wip jokes made everything in my world feel warm and safe because of how comedic it truly was. Bo's kind heart makes me feel like a superhero, as if I were right next to her side fighting old vampires & such. I highly suggest this episode, especially if you are a fan of R. Kelly.
  • Lost girl

    Good if I could actually watch it score 1
  • Not the best way to start the season

    This was definitely not anywhere near the top of the list in good episodes of Lost Girl. It reminded me somewhat of the soft porn Hot Chicks In Chains type movies. The warden was most definitely a caricature of what you would expect in such a movie. While Lost Girl definitely titillates with the women this was just far too off base from the norm for the show. Now the primary plot line of the Amazons birthing new Amazons wasn't too bad but still, the girlie prison didn't cut it too well. I have really enjoyed the show when there is a good plot and involvement from the other primary characters so I am betting this episode is anomaly and good episodes will follow. And finally the ending makes you wonder what will become of the Bo/Kenzi/Lauren relationship.
  • Interesting

    I'm a little disappointed, I'm a Dyson fan, and I would of love to seen the sparkles fly again for them. I like the episode as a whole, not sure about the New Ash, that was a little confusing, how was he choosen, did I miss something from season 2 finale? I
  • Mediocre episode

    I thought the episode was a bit confusing. I kept wondering if I was watching the first episode or not because it seemed like I had missed something between the season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere.
  • Chick fight in prison!? How obvious and predictable!

    Nope, i don't like Lauren! And I don't like Bo with Lauren. Hopefully they won't last! And if they do, I'll stop watching Lost Girl which I don't want because I do love the show though. Not a great season opening!! Kensi is great! Love the And I'm sorry for saying this, a lot of people will disagree on this, but I wish Bo and Dyson get back together. Far more chemistry and he's cute!! The show is funny and even some action!! You go Lost Girl!!
  • FUN CAMPY FEELINGS -- this premiere had it all

    Lost Girl walks a fine line with the serious supernatural drama and fun. It's a tricky thing to walk. And their premiere really slammed dunked an homage to "girls in prison" films. It was funny, had some of the BEST line deliveries ever. I mean JAILBAIT! What a perfect song. I love how complementary the tracks are in this series to what is playing on the screen.

    BO being incredibly sexy, Lauren, (LAUREN!) doing the snark humor and serious--look at all that EMPOWERMENT, and Kenzi doing her scene stealing stuff! Dyson's back and his emotions are way better and on the level. You could really start empathizing with him again. Kenzi and Dyson had some great moments on screen.

    It was a breath of fresh air for the new season, and Bo & Lauren are finally gonna give this thing called love a shot. You know the drama is gonna be heavy this season. And I'm all for good drama, and tight writing. Excellent work LG Team!
  • The fun is back!

    I'm just going to copy/paste this comment from the Showcase blog because it expresses my sentiments perfectly.

    I felt like I was watching an 80's lesbian flick. And I say that with all the love in the world. It was pure fan service. Almost as if Emily Andras went to and borrowed ideas from Bo/Lauren fanfics.

    I mean...

    - All women's prison populated with Amazons? Check.

    - Bo making out with women in prison? Check.

    - Bo and Lauren role playing in prison? Check.

    - Bo and Kenzi making out during a conjugal visit? Check.

    - Bo and Lauren contemplating a relationship and talking about baby names? Check.

    - Bo choosing Lauren and kissing her passionately as they walk out of said prison? Check.

    - Bo referring to Lauren as her girlfriend? Check.

    - Trick giving Bo and Lauren his blessing? Check.

    And let's not forget Vex hitting on men. All of them.

    I love how ridiculous this show is.
  • Awesome!

    Best Lost Girl episode I've seen in a very, very long time.

    The cursing is back, the sharp dialogue, the pop and gay references, the SMOKING Anna Silk/Zoie Palmer chemistry, the ridiculousness of it all. This show is supposed to be ridiculous and over the top and I love it for it.
  • To say this was bad is an understatement...

    I like this show. I've enjoyed the entire series thus far. I know it's not Mensa material, more like guilty pleasure, but this episode was no pleasure. It was confusing, lacking exposition, the acting was wooden and unconvincing. The plot was weak and in comparison to previous seasons, it was apples and oranges. Rotten apples. The only highlight was, as usual saving the day, Ksenia Solo as Kenzie, when she dresses up and saves the day. She really is the heart and soul of this show. This episode was confusing, cheesy, and horribly written. Step it up Lost Girl creators, or you'll lose this girl, and probably the rest of your audience. You're better than this.
  • Wrong Air Date for Syfy

    Jan 14th. not the 6th.