Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on Showcase

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  • That's what Bo has been preparing for?

    After the "scavenger hunt" Bo underwent together with Tamsin in the previous episode which was actually Bo's invitation, I expected a lot from The Dawning.

    I was surprised with it. I mean it felt that Bo had experienced more challenges with the invitation than The Dawning itself. Was it because Dyson was there to "protect" her? And what's up with that Dyson? I thought you won't get in the way with Lauren and Bo's relationship even if it was short-lived? I'm with you Bo. Dyson was such an @ss admitting that he got his love back and that he loves her so much, in the middle of what to be a very important even of Bo's life as fae.

    Overall, I think the writers didn't think of this through.
  • That's it?

    This was a decent episode. I like things that play with your mind, and while I've seen it done better, it was somewhat intriguing.

    The problem with the episode is all the episodes before building up to it, telling us this would be the biggest challenge Bo ever faced, which it really wasn't. It also looked to me like the lack of details Bo had were a plot device; there's no way all the people who had gone through it before would not be able to prepare her better.

    Lastly, there was a bit too much, "this is an impossible thing that no one can ever do," "I follow no rules, there's always a It felt like Bo got through the whole thing pretty easily. I rather expected that in a future episode there would have to be some sort of reckoning, but instead the series just moved past the dawning, making if feel like something they hadn't really thought through.
  • Definitely a mixed blessing

    On the upside, we have Bo proving---once again---that she is still her own woman. I mean; what Stella told Kenzie (re: the usual fate of fae-sponsored human wards who lose their sponsors) might be true for an age-old Light Fae traditionalist like herself. But, now even she has to acknowledge that Bo is a thoroughly modern, unalterably unaligned non-conformist. One who will never abandon her friends for any reason. Not so long as there is even one other alternative that she can hold on to with all the strength and tenacity of a pit-bull with a T-bone steak!

    That being said, I must now confess that I am more freaked out, than ever, by Bo's glowing-eyed, basso profundo mood swings. Because, it's now undeniable that they were _not_ symptoms of her pre-Dawning devolution! And, after what was shown to her in/by the Temple during her Dawning, I have to wonder if there isn't something more to the paternal side of her heritage. Something that might seem to indicate that her biological Dad (Trick's son, who is still mostly unknown to us viewers) might not have been a full-blooded leprechaun. That he might have been half something else on his own mother's side of the family.

    Hopefully, the question of what that might be will be answered before Season 4!
  • not fair to lauren

    i really disliked this episode the most!!! i have watched all the episodes and this one was not my fav!!!!
  • Was Bo's Dad Odin or Perhaps Zues? The most confusing episode ever.

    I would have thought Hale would have been there and Tamsin. The other seasons you saw everyone. Kenzie is way to thin is she ill ?I really miss the Bad Boys Ryan and Vex. The cast seems tired or bored with there parts. When is Dyson going to take off the girly panties and put on his Big Boy pants. He is no wolf more like a kitten. Do you thing people wanted more money that's why the show seems a little thin this season? What was that horse with bat wings was it sucking souls or burning the people in the picture? Speaking if sucking why didn't anyone say anything about having there Chi sucked without permission ? And the voice about taking over the world what was that about? Still not a word about it like it was an everyday thing. Very puzzling. Oh and now Tamsin has to kill Bo or Linda Hamilton will???
  • Not as exciting as I thought it would be

    Given that the last few episodes had been building up to Bo's dawning, I would think this would be a lot more exciting. However, the end result was... somewhat boring.

    Few things I did like though, Bo has evolved and there is a glimpse of her father. I don't think Bo is ever going to end up being with Lauren, the fact that she is also human would make it difficult for Bo (who supposedly probably won't ever die lol).

    One of the things I really felt uncomfortable with was watching Kenzie this week, she looked so thin that it was almost anorexic. Has she always been this slight? I would have to rewatch older episodes to be sure, but I really didn't think so. I always see Kenzie as more of Bo's sidekick rather than a 'pet'. In this episode they deprecated Kenzie so badly that it is almost demeaning. I am not sure what the writers were thinking.
  • massive let down..

    everyone made a big deal of the dawning, a rush job to train bo...

    but last week or week before when we where told about dysons and hales it was one thing they had to do..

    so all this prep for what ? bo has to kill her 'true love' ? shark the end bo only remember tricks last words and the symbol on her fore head everything else was 'pointless' till she got in the temple and the 'caretaker' told her what to do...

    poor kenzi i wonder if there are out takes of the opening scene with her and bo running around cos those heels kenzi wore looked like ankle rough ground ;)

    why was tamsin preening the bush with blooded hands ??

    suddenly dyson finds bo and wakes up from his dream world to save her...

    and now we get some hints on bo's signs point to evil summabeetch..
  • Anticlimactic!

    So after much preperation Bo faces her biggest trial not really.

    The Dawning, every fae's personal challenge finally avaited Bo tonight, but it came down to Dyson being a 'noble' wolf again and getting his ass kicked (AGAIN!) denying Bo any chance of a real choice! Isn't that what's the show is about.

    I love this show to death but sometimes the writers just kill me with lazy ooc writing. I know they love their stupid love triangle, but I had enough. It feels that potentialy great storylines are dropped for 'CW level' teen romance pseudodrama!

    Does anyone have anything to do on this show apart from Bo's storyline ? Step thing up as I'm loosing intrest fast!