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Hi friends! I know that many of you living in the US have just begun to watch season 4, but you can always come back to this post and discuss it with the rest of us when you're up to where we are.

This is also my first ever photo recap! So excited! Please excuse the quality of the screencaps; I couldn't find HQ ones, so I took them myself.

ON TO THE EPISODE! Last Sunday's "Waves" was unsettling in many ways, to me, at least. Last episode had ended something like this:

Yeah, someone should have told Trick and Lauren a while ago to lose them. But that little tidbid was overshadowed by Bo and her whole "Rainer's my destiny, biatches" revelation.
Of course grampa Trick was going to be worried for little Bo, but what can he do? Children are rebellious like that.

The episode opens up with this ominous scene where Bo's contemplating her life choices in front of her new mirror. We still don't know where she's been or what happened that left her in such a state, but I'm gonna say that obviously The Wanderer -AKA Rainer- took her to a cheap restaurant for their first real date on the Real World and it was sucky for Bo's poor stomach. Rainer then appears behind Bo to remind her that he hasn't had the chance to earn money like the rest of human kind and he's sorry he took her to a very conspicuous place, because "It had to be done."

Then, we're shown how a beautiful woman gets her legs chomped off, Jaws-style. Case of the week, anyone? The thing I loved about Season 3 was that we didn't get much of those, since we only had a short season, and they had to make every episode count. Let's not start falling into what should be left in Seasons One and Two, execs, all right? Let bygones be bygones. Or whatever.

So, now former-frenemies Lauren and Dyson are talking about how Bo has shut them out of her life to be with her new beau. Which, to me, doesn't sound like Bo AT ALL. The girl's all about being with her family, it makes no sense that she would purposefully push them away, unless Rainer's pulling some serious magic on her. More on that later.

In what was a really adorable scene, Lauren and Dyson's relationship keeps morphing into what could be... I have no idea what. I don't even want to say something that's been bugging me for the last couple of episodes, because I DO NOT want to see it happening. Let's just say that I want Doccubus back, and leave it at that.

Kenzi had been kicked out of her own home by her bestie, so of course, the first thing she does to keep her hands busy: GET A NEW CASE! Dyson's apparently been teaching her how to be a Shadow Thief, whatever that is. Which just goes to show just how much these two characters are invested in the other. (So don't tell me there's not chemistry right there between these two!)

Back on the dejá vù train of Hell, we're shown via Flashbacks how Bo got all lovey dovey with her Gramps Mortal Enemy. And of course he's adorable. He cannot possibly have a revenge plan against the Blood King cookin' up his sleeve, oh no. No, he really is falling for Bo, because of the whole "My Curse is that I don't remember I was a ruthless monster" thing. So there's that. Bo's love life is just so full of sunshine, am I rite?

Meanwhile, Kenzi introduces the Doc and Dyson to Leg-less Lady and the three of them accept to take on the case.

No one makes a fuzz about Leg-less Lady not accepting Lauren's mojito (water, really), even though she was kind enough to make one for her.

I just want to point out that there's something really wrong with these characters. I mean, I get that Bo has told you to leave, but when you know she's with someone who could mean her serious harm, you kinda play dumb and just be near anyways. Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi are just chillin' with the Totally Innocent Leg-less Lady, instead of trying to figure out what Rainer's after? SERIOUSLY, WRITERS? After everything they've been through? I just... ugh. NO. Moving on, tho.

Apparently, Kenzi's new powers have something to do with stealing undies from drunk women. (Really, Dyson? Teach the girl something that's NOT for your benefit!) Kenzi whipped out the Doc's panties and told her to keep a better eye out for them the next time they drank mojitos together. That coffee? Totally hangover-killer stuff.

Lauren, we'll get you your boo back, don't you worry! We can only imagine what Rainer and Bo were doing in her bedroom (really show? after all the sexy times you've given us you refuse to let us feast out eyes on your new villain dude? NOT COOL).

At least we got to see the new improved trio at work. TEAMWORK! Dyson passes by Kenzi's new office (nice, Kenz!) and leaves her a present.

Lauren isn't invited to go all covert ops on this thing, so she sent Kenzi a new toy to keep track of human heat 'cause Dyson's next move is to implant a tracking device on Legs' Stealer's office, a device only Kenzi and Lauren will be able to track thanks to Lauren's gadgets.

I'm starting to think the Doc has more than one skill up her skirt. Just sayin'.

Kenzi maybe liked this new identity way too much, because she started sacking people left and right and was all gleeful about it. Come on, Kenz. How else is Pete gonna buy his lunch now, huh?

And maybe, MAYBE, it's just me and a select few, but you gotta admit, Dyson LOVES saving her. Be 100% honest with yourselves. Leave all your judging aside. And think about the possibility of the writers' subconscious efforts of continously pushing Kenzi and Dyson together. Because, really, that s*it's been happening since the Pilot aired and Kenzi wore cartoonish clothes to the Police Station.
Dyson swoops in and takes care of the dude mission-blocking Kenzi, like the wolf gentleman that he is. And because Kenzi can't refrain from doing it, she climbs up to the air vents and ends up in a creepy refrigerator.

That scene was Alien level crazy! Who keeps legs in ice like that? They're about to find out.

Another Flashback! This one was another kind of boring, to me. There was no point in, exc
use me, pointing out the obvious via Loca Handmaid. We all know what happens when you try to jump off the Ghost Train, and goes unsaid that Bo is bound to find it out sooner than later. These info-dumping scene was uncalled for, in my eyes. It was just an excuse to invite Bo to a fancy dinner (better than the Pasta place!).

Lauren kept making her world-famous mojitos, because obvs, they're delish and she wants everyone to know it. Even stuck up, Leg-less Lady.

While Lauren reflected on her career choices, Dyson kept thinking about the pearl he found at the company pool. Which of the fine ladies he'd talked to that day could have lost it, he thinks. Hum, so many choices. Anyway, aside from finding a pearl, he brought Lauren a piece of a plant, because it seems that she's a botanist now, too. (Remember that big ass plant on her old flat?) Just a decorative plant... or is it.

Back on the Train again. Here's the thing with these scenes. I get that they were "kinda" needed, but not really. Trick has made it very clear that this Rainer bloke is dangerous. And while we're starting to see a whole new and scary side of Trick, I'm inclined to take his word for it. But Bo didn't know about this when she met The Wanderer, so I'll let it slide. But seriously? For a girl who usually fights with tooth and nails to free herself from anyone's grasp, this tug-of-war thing with Rainer was very much Out of Character for her.
We're told time works differently on the train, so maybe she was there for way longer that we assume. But to just kick her lovers aside and fall head over heels with this strange person? Me no likey. Bo, you're stronger than this! Show me I'm right!

Looks like Rainer's got a heart and no brains. Literally. This is the dude Tamsin wanted but couldn't get during last episode's Flashback, which means he's the recipient of Trick's Most Fatal Mind-Jumbling Curse. He cannot remember who he is, but we all know that the second he does, s*it's gonna get real.

Kenzi gets a very bad call from Dyson, who tells her to scoot out of there because her boss is the Legs' Stealer! And also, a merman. In a suit. Not what I was expecting. Seems that merfolk can only walk on earth if they attach stolen legs to their upper halves. BUT. This is not who they're looking for. Merman tells Kenzi it's his sister, and the mermaid-hunt is back on.

So OF COURSE the next thing on the list is to get Lauren in the way of mortal peril. OBVS. (She's been sitting in the side lines for too long, she needs to be in on the action too!)

Look at how much fun Dyson's having! And now we get to see a REAL, TAIL-FLIPPING MERMAID! YAY! I'm with Kenzi on this, I LURVE ME some mermaids.

Cut and back to the Train Flashback.

So, Bo is randomly walking around the Train (gotta keep up with the exercise!) when she stumbles upon this bell-thing with a dead butterfly inside. And it magically sparks up a hidden memory in her, BECAUSE WHY NOT. I am hoping beyond hope that the give me more of that Crying Girl Flashback. It was not even a whole scene, just a blip of something I couldn't make sense of. Maybe Rainer was Bo's playdate growing up, idk. It was completely random.
And it was just what Bo needed to trigger something locked within her.

Who ISN'T counting down until March 14th, right?

Let's discuss this kiss. The Kiss of Doom. Rainer drops a line that goes something like, "It's you." And suddenly they're playing tongue hockey? UM. WAT. Where my backstory to support this, writers? I honestly hope you'll deliver along with the explanation to the Crying Girl scene. ALSO. If Rainer suddenly KNOWS who Bo is, then it just goes to show just how much he's playing her, because he HAS to know she's the Blood King's granddaughter, no? And here's where he really begins to play out his revenge. By making Bo fall for him. Poor Bo, but I gotta say I Told You So. This is a theory of mine, we'll see how right I am soon.

Lauren doesn't seem to be dwelling on the fact that her boo left her for a handsome stranger, though. She's crushing on the mermaid just as much as the rest of us. I mean, look at her! She's gorgeous! I'm guessing Lauren even made HER a mojito, seeing as the only thing the girl could say was "LEGS, LEGS!" all the time.

The Little Mermaid was just mad at her brother for abandoning her in the big ol' seas and wanted her own pair of legs to go play with him. AWW. Not.No one tries to chop off the Doc's legs on my watch!

Hey, back off! Lauren's the bar-lady, not Kenzi! Turns out the Leg-less Lady was in fact another MERMAID! And she's Merman's sister, no less, and she wants Kenzi's dancing feet. I knew there was something fishy about this Lady (see what I did there?) but this was cool. Nice job throwing us off!

Remember how I told you Dyson LURVS saving Kenzi? (And the other way around, too.) That growl when Merman threatened Kenz in front of him with a butcher's knife? My dream come true. But is looks like not even all-mighty Dyson has what it takes to take down a fish who can literally drown you with his mere thought.
Cool power! I've never seen a mermaid do that. Very original.

But you know who does have what it takes to bring down a psycho Merman? LAUREN, YO! The Doc's got her brains! She put two and two together, and figured it out in the nick of time. Tap water (aka, unsalted water) was these merfolk kryptonite and sent them straight down the drain, right after Lauren tried being nice to Leg-less again. That bitch had it coming.

We finally get some answers to the season's big questions, like Why is Bo Dark?, and What Happened to Everyone's Memories before the Season Premiere?
Before talking about the really deep stuff, they spent the day watching funny videos on you-train-tube (have you seen this husky? <3) and just gossiping like teens in love.

Now I KNOW why Bo left Dyson and Lauren. She can have the best of both worlds in Rainer! Bo explained to us why she was joining the Dark and planting all of those clues to unlock her soon-to-be-messed-up brain. She did it all in the name of love so she could get back to her "Destiny".
Destiny, my ass. Rainer's playing that girl like she's the Queen in his Chess board. I'm hoping Tam-Tam will save Bo, though. With that ominous "His soul belongs to me" speech, you have to know bad times are coming for the newly developed couple. Tamsin has to make Bo see the error of her ways and send that f*cker all the way to Valhalla and beyond.

I'm dying to get Grown-Up Tamsin back on board. Her time with Momma Kenzi is funny as hell, but I miss Season 3-Tamsin who'd get in Bo's bathtub and stare at her in complete wonder and tell her beautiful and meaningful things.

Flashbacks are over, finally, and we're back to where the episode started: with the reason behind Bo's and Rainer's make-up fest.

Rainer somehow got Bo to agree on him that killing the Una Mens is in everyone's best interest. And as much as I hate those f*ckers, I'm thining we shouldn't be doing anything The Wanderer says. I mean, did you talk about this before you went on a killing spree, Bo? I don't think so.

Rainer does NOT look impressed. And Bo's killing these people without as much as batting an eyelash? Excuse me for sounding a bit annoyed, but I just have a hard time believing this woman would take such a dramatic spin in the course of a single episode. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Trick tells Bo NOT to kill off the Una Mens because the Apocalypse comes after that. Too little, too late, man.

I remember that little box Trick looked so worryingly at a few episodes ago. But I don't think it had this thing inside:

The Origin Seed! Such an EPIC name! Love it. Totally what Rainer's after, just fyi. The Una Mens' souls or something flew into this seed right after Bo had slaughtered them all. SO. Fun times ahead.

I loved the Golden Trio's interactions during this episode, and I LOVED how absent Hale was (no offense to KC, who is a very cool actor). It just meant more Kenzi/Dyson scenes and I love me some Denzi!
Lauren/Zoie was very sexy in this episode, and I'll all for that.
We got some questions answered and others raised. Like, What the heck is an Origin Seed? Will we get an online spin off featuring Kenzi, the Shadow Thief?

WHO IS BO'S FATHER??? SERIOUSLY. This needs to be addressed ASAP. You're building up a curtain of smoke that'll look totally fake and unnecessary if her daddy-o is not someone completely unexpected.

What did you think of this episode?
And how was my first photo recap?

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Jan 28, 2014
More coming, I hope? :) Shit's getting crazy.
Jan 23, 2014
Hey! Great job with the recap EllaPreuss, thanks! (The mojitos were hilarious)

There's something definitely off about Bo, let's see how the writers solve it. All the comments and references about "The Little Mermaid" made me laugh. I'm not liking the idea that someone has to die and these season seems to weird for me but still I love this show and I'll watch it over any other thing on TV right now.

Looking forward to the next recap ;)
Jan 23, 2014
I liked this episode come on who doesn't love mermaids ahhhhhhh mermaids :) I like Rainer he is gorgous I would go dark for him yummy. I wonder what happend to tam Kenzi said that she was recovering, recovering from what. By the look of it the hand that grabbed the glowing walnut didn't look like Rainer his hand was not cut up and bloody, so here's hoping he's not evil, well completely evil anyway.
Jan 22, 2014
This season has had a lot of ups and downs... erm this was more like a down. People are behaving out of character and this arc is way to ludicrous!

I feel like it is the Team B writing... Team A went to Bahamas 'cause it's way to cold I get it...

At least your recap made me smile: thanks EllaPreuss!

PS: I am totally shipping Kenzi & Dyson (KenSon? DyZi?) Hale is away very busy playing smart doctor (Love Saving Hope by the way!) so I am sure he won't care that much!
Jan 23, 2014
I feel like that too, the season had started up very good, but it's been on a downward spiral for a few episodes now.

I'm glad you enjoyed the recap! I'll be doing one next week too, apparently Hale's proposing to Kenzi!? NO.
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