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Okay. Let me breathe for a second and relax, because there's NO WAY I just saw what I just saw. If there's one thing I hate is having a show treat me like I'm mentally challenged and keep repeating the obvious throughout an episode. I felt that was exactly what happened here in "Dark Horse".

But let's start from the beginning.

This episode begins with Bo and Rainer arguing about his former warrior turning out to be a crazy lady, and him swearing he didn't know a thing about her swapping sides. And HERE's where I begin to say "No-No". This whole dialogue felt forced, we're still TOLD how much they love each other, without seeing much of this love. Bo, naturally, goes to her grandfather for explanations.

Another bit of "I want to be heartfelt, but really I'm sappy" dialogue where we learn that Bo is to be the Dark Queen and bring about the apocalypse. She's called The Chosen One, and if you recall, she's been called thus since Season One, so bravo (?) for finally telling us what that was all about. We were shown a non-realistic scene where Rainer and Trick had a word-off about Bo's future safety and she was all, "We're gonna be fine." RIIIIIGHT.

Then came Massimo, crazy as ever. I mean, is it just me, or was he much more menacing as the Dark Druid from previous seasons? I get that the writers would want to give him a substancial backstory (this is my future career, writing scripts, so I know a bit about this), but to make him a childish mamma's boy was an overkill. Or rather, his monologues were. I just wanted to put some tape over his mouth and kill him already. (Thanks Bo!) Massimo had Lauren and of course Bo would do everything to get her back.

Next... a scene where Kenzi's at Evony's? I mean, SERIOUSLY. How did she get to be there? If there is one thing I rescue out of the whole mess that was Season Four, is Ksenia Solo. GIVE THE GIRL SOME GOLD STAR PLZ. She slapped the heck out of Evony when she learned that she was Massimo's mamma, and THIS was when the episode started looking better for me.

Dyson swore his fealty to the Queen, blah blah... was that REALLY necessary? She's not Queen of anything yet.

Tamsin, on the other hand, I care very deeply about. She was in this episode what she had been before, so YAY. Brooding over her love for the succubus, no doubt, she spent the majority of the episode trying to save Bo and Kenzi. When asked to translate some ancient Norse text, being the Valkyrie that she is, we learnt more about what would be necessary to stop Bo's daddy from coming forth.

Here's what I loved about this: the fact that Kenzi's become an integral part of this show, and that she certainly has been handling the reins of it for some time. She started thinking about what she could do to help, and was true to the evolution of her character like no other.

In the Dark Horse HQ (where were all the crazy pony ladies?), Bo sucks the chi out of three zombies. And she gets Dark-y, whatever, and Dyson "brings her back" by kissing her. SO TERRIBLE. I couldn't help but roll my eyes repeatedly at this and wait for it to pass. Not that I have anything against the pairing...but the dialogue! UGH. Then, Bo gets Dyson to swear he's keep everything in check while she goes to save Lauren. AAAAAND another facepalm. Rainer made Bo shed no tear. NOT ONE. And he was supposed to be her true love. I do not approve of the way this was handled. Very poor writing; character development was almost null... Anyway.

I also feel like the writers started an arc with Massimo being introduced before, but that it got SO out of hand that they had to wrap it up as messily as they did here. I saw no point in this plot being so long as it was. It took up nearly half the episode and amounted to nothing. The Origin Seed was lost (why the heck go to all that trouble to get it in the first place?), Massimo died at the hands of the wrong person, because WE KNOW it should have been Kenzi who killed him, and all for what? Nothing that I can think of. I really hope I'm wrong here, and that some of this storyline will not be lost for good, because if it is, then Showcase you better get a new team of writers, because this season was one to forget.

Lauren is saved (DUH) and Bo runs back to help her friends fight off the zombies pouring out of her dad's portal.

In a brilliantly performed sequence, we learn that Kenzi's ACTUALLY HAD A PURPOSE ALL ALONG. She's to save everything -I mean THE WORLD- by sacrificing herself as she is Bo's heart. *cue pouring tears* I love this girl SO MUCH. She's single-handedly the reason I stuck with Season Four. Her acting is superb!

And here I do congratulate the writers. Making Kenzi Bo's Heart was tremendously heartbreaking. And true. Bo may bounce from lover to lover, but her unwavering love for her sister knows no bounds. Bo running to get her, Dyson stopping her to let Kenzi fulfill her destiny... it was the highlight of the episode. Nay, of the SEASON.

Where are those who still can't see Dyson/Kenzi being a possibility? I dare you to tell me he does not love her like more than a friend.

Kenzi walks deliberately into the mouth of Hell in a beautiful scene, and by this point I'm thinking, "If Kenzi's dead for good, I'm giving this show up right now." BUT. She made it very clear to Dyson that she's hoping to be rescued from Valhalla from Tamsin or Bo, since her dying in battle means she can be taken there as a warrior. GO KENZI.

We see Tamsin unfolding her wings for her (remember that meant she was on her last vital cycle? so sad) and taking her away, while the zombies from Hell all fall dead-dead to the ground.

In the following scene, Tamsin's at the gates of Valhalla, possibly (?), crying her eyes out, when Dyson comes to get her. I do love these two's interactions. He protects her like she's his little sister, when really, she's way older and more powerful than him. She keeps saying that Kenzi's gone... but Dyson won't have it. He tells her they'll get Kenzi back and scoops her up in his arms to take her away. I'm REALLY hoping that this time, Kenzi'll be back with something up her sleeve. I love her as a human, and at the beginning of the season I didn't want to think that Massimo had changed her, and I was glad that all she got was some instant fae power that faded with her washes like it was hair dye.
But now, I believe she deserves SO MUCH MORE. I'll be pissed if I don't see Kenzi in the next season.

AND! We finally learnt Kenzi's last name! Malikov! (Even though we saw it on her tombstone.) So awesome. I love it, it fits her so well. That Bo-monologue at the end was crappy stuff, reminding us of things we know, and making Bo look -really- like she was a narrator instead of a suffering woman. Everything she said was for the viewer's benefit and completely uncalled for.

The episode ended as did the season, and still we saw nothing of Pappa Dearest. I said it before, they're building up a mountain so high with this, that when the moment of the reveal comes, I fear we'll all be disappointed.

But hey! Bring on the Warrior! Kenzi in Valhalla fanfiction. I'm all for it.

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