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Sunday 9:00 PM on Syfy (Returning September 6th, 2015)

Um. Okay, writers, I'm not sure what you were going for with this episode. With the first two episodes in the season being so great, why did you feel the need to pull us back into what was really a S1 storyline?

First, Bo enters a house in the middle of nowhere where strange things are happening. Of course, being the lovely character we've come to love, we know she'll stay and help. Key phrase: WE KNOW. There's absolutely no character development there.

Dyson and the Elemental, whose name I forgot, go looking for her on the Spooky Train. I guess the idea was for us to wonder, "Why, oh, why does the train shake at the mention of her name?", and in part it does do that. But that was clouded over by the wacky bloke who appeared to tell us... really nothing.

Moving on, they find that Bo's not on board and that she is certainly ill with some "train-sickness", for lack of a better term. All of this to magically explain the weird things that have been happening since the beginning of the episode.

Meanwhile, Lauren's torn between being with this gorgeous woman they've put in front of her and staying true to Bo. Again, ZERO character development. Their dialogues are not revealing anything new, and they're not being mysterious either.

Thanks to the help of some face on the forest ground, Dyson and the Elemental are told that, yes, Bo did run by him a while ago. Probably the funniest part of the episode was when Dyson had to let him suck on his toe as payment for information.

All this time, I'd think, "Where are the others? Where's Hale and Kenzi? And Trick?" But we do get a glimpe at the obvious: Ebony's alive, and at Lauren's? I really thought it was her place, but I could be wrong. Ebony-sans-eye gets Massimo to help her "re-grow" her missing body part. There's an interesting conversation between these two that led me to believe she holds some serious power over him. (A BIT of character development, finally!) I was left wondering why Massimo looked like a love-sick puppy at her. Did they have a thing in the past?

Back to Bo and the gang. The house she found is being haunted. Or something. The way they handled the information here left a lot to be desired.

Naturally, Dyson finds her, but not before Bo has "unleashed" the spirit that's making this family kill itself off.

OH. going back a bit. Upon her awakening, Bo's confused and she seems to have forgotten who/where she is. That was interesting, but it ended way too fast.

So. They quickly tell us via Bo that it's a Body Snatcher who's tormenting this poor family. The Fae is now occupying Julia, the teenage daughter. Again, not a subtle way to manage information. Bo, being the Big-Scary-Succubus that she is can, of course, get rid of this "spirit".

There's an out-of-the-blue kiss with Dyson that I do not approve of. Where did that come from? Bo was head over heels in love with Lauren last time we saw her! And this episode does nothing to reconstruct her love for Dyson. In fact, Bo wakes up asking for Lauren.

In the end, everything ends well, for Bo at least. Dyson carries her out of harm's way (leaving the Elemental behind). As they head back into town, they pass by a car on the road where Lauren's new girl toy is effectively betraying her. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FTW. Go Lauren! (Or, not... poor Lauren. Every bad thing in the world of Fae seems to fall on her.)

All in all, an episode that went nowhere, we got no answers to our hundreds of questions, and it really felt like being back in Season 1 and watching them fight off the Random Fae of the Week.

Let's hope episode 4 goes back to what episodes 1 and 2 had brought into play. (I want me more Vex! What's his deal? Now THERE's some Character Development for you!)

[You'll have to excuse my ramblings, being an Audiovisual Arts student I pick up on a lot of things that many normally wouldn't notice so much.]
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