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Feb 17, 2014
Lost Girl Season 4 Finale "Dark Horse" Discussion (Spoilers)
Holy crap! That's about the best way to describe this finale. For the first time in four seasons it felt like this was a true finale, instead of just a teaser for the next season. Having said that, it also opens up a whole slew of storylines & arcs for the future (assuming there is one...). The only thing I feel was a bit disappointing is that for 2 seasons or more we have been told to anticipate Bo's father showing up, and yet we are still left waiting...

Anyways, have at it: What did everyone else think of the finale?
Jan 27, 2014
Lost Girl: Let's Talk About "End of a Line"!

FINALLY! OH BOY. Was that the greatest episode of the season or what? Talk about some character development! You and I asked for it and they delivered!!!

So much happened, so many feels, I can't even. Let's begin discussing it while I whip up a photo recap.

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Jan 22, 2014
Lost Girl 4x10 "Waves" (PHOTO RECAP)
Hi friends! I know that many of you living in the US have just begun to watch season 4, but you can always come back to this post and discuss it with the rest of us when you're up to where we are.

This is also my first ever photo recap! So excited! Please excuse the quality of the screencaps; I couldn't find HQ ones, so I took them myself.

ON TO THE EPISODE! Last Sunday's "Waves" was unsettling in many ways, to me, at least. Last episode had ended something like this:

Yeah, someone should have ...Read more
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Nov 26, 2013
Smells Like Season One Spirit (4x03 - Lovers. Apart Review)

Um. Okay, writers, I'm not sure what you were going for with this episode. With the first two episodes in the season being so great, why did you feel the need to pull us back into what was really a S1 storyline?

First, Bo enters a house in the middle of nowhere where strange things are happening. Of course, being the lovely character we've come to love, we know she'll stay and help. Key phrase: WE KNOW. There's absolutely no character development there.

Dyson and the Elemental, whose name I forgot, go looking for her on the Spooky Train. I guess the idea was for us to wonder, "Why, oh, why does the train shake at the mention of her name?", and in part it does do that. But that was clouded over by the wacky bloke who appeared to tell us... really nothing.

Moving on ...Read more
Nov 18, 2013
'Sleeping Beauty School' Review
First off, thanks to everyone who read, replied and liked my post about 'In Memoriam' I rarely post things because I figure no one really wants to know what I think about random shows, so the reaction gave me warm & fuzzy feelings :-)

Now, onto season 4's 2nd episode...

I enjoyed it very much.

They stayed away from the pseudo-incest that was the Dyson/Kenzi pairing. I know from the comments that there is a faction that wants to ship them, but I just can't I love them as friends and as each others chosen family too much to be able to see them as a romantic item without feeling slightly squeamish about it. I also saw in the comments that some of you feel the same way I do, so I'm guessing you were all as relieved as i was.

Poor Hale though! The guy just cannot ...Read more
Nov 13, 2013
My Quick Thoughts on 'In Memoriam'...
I'm so very happy that Lost Girl is finally back! I've been waiting for this episode for months (basically since the final moments of the Season 3 finale).

I'm one of those contrary people who can love a show without being all that fond of the main character. I loved BTVS, but could take or leave Buffy herself, same with AtS. I've found that I tend to prefer the secondary characters over the so-called main characters.

This hold true for Lost Girl, I'm kind of 'meh' about Bo herself, but I adore Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Vex. So the absence of Bo and Lauren in the Season 4 premiere was not a problem for me.

I thought the chemistry between Dyson & Kenzi was great, and that trio tango they had with Hale was amazing to watch. While I'm not totally on board with a ...Read more
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