Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on Showcase

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  • When they became Teenagers

    Evony (The Morrigan) was very adamant in killing Bo. Vex desperately wants to go back to the Dark Fae and be Evony's "pet" again.

    Evony made a deal with Vex to kill Bo and get the Staff of Righteousness and that he can regain his old position in the Dark Fae Team.

    Evony also sent thugs (pig-like thugs) to get (or kill) Bo which should be easy because Vex (without his knowledge) passed out a parasite to Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin that made them act like children/teenagers.

    The three acted foolishly. Dyson and Bo were like teenagers secretly in love with each other and Tamsin was their "bridge"

    It was up to Kenzi to fight those pig-like thugs and back-stabbing Vex while Lauren concocted an antidote to make Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin back to their normal selves.

    What bothered me is when Bo and Tamsin shared their innermost secret. They wrote it on a piece of paper, gave it to each other to read and swore not to tell to anyone. After reading the note, they both ate the paper to keep their secrets locked. Up until now, I've no idea what secrets were revealed.
  • Who Needs Buffy Anyway ;) (just kidding)

    As the third season gets up and running this third episode, "Confaegion" knocked it out of the park. From Vex and Kenzie sharing eye shadow tips to the hilarity of Dyson, Bo, and Tamsin regressing to their teenage fae selves. (Kudos to the writers for giving the viewer a different side of

    This show knows how to do its more humerous episodes successfully a trick that some genre shows cannot pull off. It comes as a credit to this fantastic cast. The girls watching Dyson stripping on Bo's bed to "Hungry Like the Wolf" was very funny as was the strip spin the bottle. This must have been a fun episode for everyone involved.

    Great episode of a fantastic show.

  • kensi smokes everyone

    despite the clear stunt double ksena did an amazing job felt a bit matrixy neo fighting smiths in matrix reloaded.

    and kensi's fashion/costume designer deserves awards (more if they already got some)
  • AWESOME!!!!

    Kenzie ruled this episode!! her fight was so cool done, especially with the red outfit she was wearing...

    Just thought that all of them played very it when Dex tried to control the doc and failed he tried to be bad again, but didn't work out seeing Dyson strip and
  • Awesome

    Kenzie! The parasite thing was also pretty funny.
  • Ah dear, how I've missed

    that ridiculously funny side of the show. The lightness mingled with the undertones of the dark. Though, I hope Vex comes back soon, I kind of love his interactions with Kenzie. Anyhow, this episode reminded me of the good old days, I just wish the doc was gone. Not sure what is it about her, but she is just so.. predictable and bland to me, not to mention that were I a teenage girl and actually used such expressions, i would;ve used the words "team Dyson" here. ];->
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