Lost Girl

Season 4 Episode 13

Dark Horse

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2014 on Showcase
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After swallowing the seed Massimo gets more out of control. The portal has been opened and the cursed souls who died in the battlefields are coming through. Kenzi and Tamsin discover what needs to be done to stop Bo's father coming through with his armies. Kenzi makes the ultimate sacrifice.


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  • Never saw this coming

    Is it just me who loves almost all the episode finale each season or I'm just too affected with all the characters?

    Anyway, like all the season-ending episodes, your heart will start to race, will beat faster than the usual. Bo is ready to face the greatest nemesis of Fae Land but she couldn't succeed without the help of the people she loves.

    The portal has opened and if they won't defeat the enemies (zombie-like creatures) and close the portal, Bo's father (which his identity still remains a mystery) will immerse and destroy them all.

    Kenzi and Tamsin has figured out how to close the portal. The heart of the daughter is the key but both of them agreed not to tell Bo about this.

    Dyson and Tamsin fought together and killed all the zombie-looking enemy that came out from the portal but they both know it is difficult to defeat them unless the portal will be shut down.

    Trick came to help them. Still, it's not enough. Until Kenzi started walking towards the portal. Dyson knew what she will do and tried to stop her from doing so. Kenzi said that she is the heart of Bo. This is the only way to close the portal and keep Bo alive to save all Fae from her evil father.

    Bo figured out what Kenzi was about to do because she saw inside her pocket the engagement ring Hale gave to Kenzi before he died. She tried hard to save Kenzi before it was too late. She ran as fast as she could right after she defeated the psychopath Massimo.

    Yes, it was too late. Kenzi was in the portal. Dyson stopped Bo from saving her because he knew that Kenzi's plan was the greatest plan to close the portal. Also, he knew that Bo will do everything to save Kenzi and bring her back to life.

    I was surprised that I didn't cry when Kenzi died because I knew she'll come back. Bo will definitely save her no matter what.moreless
  • Disappointing finale to a mixed season

    After some disappointment with the last episodes of season 3, I was excited by how well season 4 started. Alas, recent episodes have been weak, focused more on weepy soap drama than on story and action. Dark Horse was one of the weepiest of the seasons, with a lot of emotion and tragedy that never made me sad.

    The episode is also a little hard to follow. A lot happens, perhaps too much for a single episode, but explanations are given short shrift in favor of tears and nonsense.

    We also end the season with most of last season's questions still unanswered and some new questions also unanswered. And I have a feeling some questions are never going to be answered; it feels like the writers are having trouble keeping track of their own elaborate story line.

    The writers and producers need to spend their break rethinking what they're doing.

  • bo n lauren made for each other

    bo n lauren should always be together and bo n dyson should never b together.
  • Where oh where has my Lost Girl gone?

    I fell in love with Lost Girl at the first season. Back then, it was such an empowering, supernatural show that captured my attention from the very first scene. But, I was highly disappointed with this season. I used to burn rubber trying to watch the episodes, but now I had actually started putting it off. The Season started off well and I was excited, but it slowly deteriorated.

    I found a lot of disappointments that I have to list them in bullet point to make sure I get them all:

    - The Wanderer: Okay, now, this whole 'Wanderer' deal was being played with at the end of the 3rd season, and through all of the 4th. And some many things could have been done with that, they could have made that an amazing plot twist. Instead, we go through all this trouble to find out his name, who he is, why he isn't in history and how that came to be. Okay, you still had me at this part. However, you lost me when he was meant to be Bo's true love and I SAW NO LOVE WHATSOEVER. NONE. It's more like shaking hands and saying 'Okay, we're in love now' rather than actually saying 'I love this They let the Wanderer crash and burn when there was no love, and even more so when it took Massimo ten damn seconds to kill the guy that they had to write out of history because he was too powerful. I sense a large plot hole here.

    -Massimo: oh, Massimo, poor, unloved Massimo. Suck it up buttercup. While I found his acting tremendous, I felt like they let his character plot get out of hand with him ingesting the seed and then had to wrap it up really quickly. WE ALL KNOW HIS DEATH SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEALT BY KENZI. That girl deserves to stab him a million times more than our beloved Chosen One, also known as, the daring Bo. I expected higher and greater things for that missing all-powerful seed than to end up being eaten by a human who couldn't handle the power and ultimately got killed by the wrong damn person.

    -Kenzi: oh God, Kenzi. Ksenia Solo is single-handedly the best part of this show. Her acting skills are the best I have seen in a long time and I DO NOT WANT HER PERMANENTLY GONE. She needs to come back, you will do it and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY DESPITE THE SCATTERBRAINED SEASON WE HAVE BEEN DISHED OUT. And, though I appreciate her death as a warrior (though I am 100000% against her death) the reactions were not good enough. Dyson and Tric have cared for her for FOUR DAMN SEASONS. They have loved her, protected her, nursed her back to health, and not a damn tear was shed when she walked her ass into the portal. NONE. Tamsin cried for god sake and her character wasn't even introduced until the 3rd season! And Bo, well, her reaction was the most disappointing. We've seen her lose control of her Chi sucking powers when thinking Lauren was going to die. Kenzi, HER HEART FOR GOD'S SAKE, actually and willingly walked to her death for Bo, and all Bo could shed was a few tears. No. I was expecting a whole loss of control, loss of emotion, loss of everything. I was disappointed.

    The only message I have for Season 5: Tie up lose ends before you unravel more! Sit down and decide where you want this season to go, what you want the plot to be. Please please please put more thought into it. I don't want to stop watching this show because it hurts to watch the plot.moreless
  • Trouble with the Mithology

    I want to start by saying that I love Lost Girl, and it's with a heavy heart that I put a very low rating for this episode, despite Ksenia Solo's best effort. Oh, Lost Girl, Lost Girl where have you gone my dearest show? What happened to you? Last year's season was already BLEH so I decided to record the show but didn't watch the new season before last week. The first episodes gave me hope that it was getting better. It didn't. I so angry! I love this show and I'm really unhappy with the directions that they have taken. I didn't miss their efforts to try and do something new. I think the problem is that they didn't have a direction, or at least a more specific direction for the show and for each of the characters this season (It didn't feel like they did to me) and those characters have so many things to say! The love triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren is getting stale; they totally mismanaged Hale's death, they are mismanaging Kenzi's evolution and they are not exploring Bo's powers and destiny enough. We got a glimpse of it last year but it was just a glimpse. They need to get serious and start the season with a simple question : what is the story we want to tell this year? What will happen to Bo? To Dyson? To Tric? To Kenzi? To Lauren? And since I'm on a roll, Massimo was a complete waste of space or maybe he was just, like the rest of the season and the show, simply mishandled (I'm not a fan of Tim Rozon's acting skills anyway).

    Any good sci-fi show needs a good mythology ( for example : Grimm, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, Alphas -despite the cancellation, one of the best shows of the genre), Lost Girl have some good mythology, maybe too much mythology so it's all over the place. There is so much potential with this show, it's a shame they are not cashing in on it. A real shame.moreless
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