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Lost Girl

Season 2 Episode 8

Death Didn't Become Him

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on Showcase
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    Lost Girl: Bo and Lauren's Excellent Adventure, Minus the Excellence

    Lost Girl needs to cut it out with the filler episodes and get to the good stuff already... but with that said, the zombie grave robbers of "Death Didn't Become Him" were pretty cool.

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    A friend of Trick's comes to him for help when his ballet dancer husband's corpse goes missing. Bo and Dyson take on the search for the dead ballet dancer, and with the help of Lauren's scientific expertise, manage to track him down to a bizarre figure.

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    • Awake vs. Asleep

      It was kinda cool with how Bo reacted when she found out about Lauren's "sleeping girlfriend" You can sense that she sincerely wants to help Lauren. She even agreed to meet Nadia even if she needs to be inside a smelly gurney.

      An old friend came to Trick for help because his dead hubby's body gone missing. It's kinda weird watching an episode where a fae (The Lich) steals famous or talented dead bodies, raise them from the dead so that they can entertain him.

      Bo agreed to help and even brought Lauren as her plus one. Aside from retrieving her client's dead hubby's body, she has a feeling that The Lich can help her and Lauren figure out what the nail is all about.

      But it was a trap! The Lich has witnessed a lot of things already but not a Succubus in action. He chained both Bo and Lauren and shot Bo so she would be forced to feed off from Lauren. She doesn't want to so they took the doctor, put her on the table and placed a dagger on her neck. He will cut her if Bo wouldn't do what she asked.

      I think it was awesome when she rose and sucked all the Chi from those dead bodies, killing all of them except Lauren. But it was kinda scary when her eyes turned to red and her voice changed like she was some kind of a demon. Is she really bad in nature?

      I think it was fun that this episode made Hale and Kenzi to be a babysitter of a rich snob fae. At least it has a light side which we can laugh about. What I didn't agree much is the scene where Bo and Lauren kissed in front of Nadia. I mean please, you can kiss each other whenever you want but not in front of a comatose woman. That's just mean.

    • Death Didn't Become Him

      Death Didn't Become Him was a superb and very entertaining episode of Lost Girl and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and Bo channeled a massive new power that implied how powerful she really is. I thought this was awesome and it was great to learn a little more about the Fae world as Hale and Kenzi babysat. There was action, intrigue, drama and humor. I look forward to watching the next episode of Lost Girl!!!!!!!!!moreless
    K.C. Collins

    K.C. Collins

    William Haley François "Hale" Santiago

    Recurring Role

    Richard Howland

    Richard Howland

    Fitzpatrick "Trick" McCorrigan

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