Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2013 on Showcase

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  • "This is just a break, right?"

    Like most of the episodes, they have a case (or cases) to solve and part of it also where they reveal secrets (mostly on Bo's) But for me, this episode is one of heaviest, heart-breaking ones that I don't think I could ever watch again (but I did actually and would probably watch it again)

    On previous episodes especially before and after, Lauren felt neglected by Bo. It seems that it has always been Bo the center of everything which made Lauren at the backseat of their relationship.

    When Bo and the gang solved the case of the Tree-killing spree monster that almost killed Lauren, Bo and Lauren had a very serious talk.

    Lauren was unhappy with how their relationship is going especially when she found out that Tamsin and Bo kissed (which Bo never admitted and she didn't admit to Bo that she knew about it). She knows in her heart that Bo loves her and tries to be faithful despite being a Succubus. But the real issue here is Lauren will always ask for something more that she knows Bo won't be able to give.

    I can see both women were really hurt with the decision of parting ways. But what's more heart-breaking was when Bo said "This is just a break, right?" hoping that the two of them will be back with each others' arms eventually. But for Lauren, by the way she looked at Bo when she was by her door, it was more of a GOODBYE. That finally she has accepted that being in a human-succubus relationship will never, ever work.

    This is one of my favorite episodes despite the torment because there was also a part where Lauren and Dyson talked about Bo. Lauren asked how can she ever move on with her and Dyson said "I'll let you" implying that Dyson wasn't over yet or I guess he will never be. I can feel so much love and pain in one episode. It makes you cry but it makes you smile also.

    For the Doccubus/Team Lauren/Team Lo/BoLo out there, this episode is for you.

    Btw, the monster in this episode called "Tikbalang" that originated in the Philippines was kinda inaccurate. I'm from the Philippines and "Tikbalang" is not a hairy monster that smokes or has smoke but it is half-horse half-human. (Just saying)
  • This is an amazing episode

    After last week of a seriously boring episode, this episode more than redeems the series.

    *** Spoilers ahead ***

    So how do I even begin with this episode? To summarize, like most of "Lost Girl" episodes, this episode surrounded a case. This time it is with delinquents being tortured and killed by some tree monster. Unlike previous episodes though, the case doesn't seem to be the main focus this time. Sure, we have Bo beating up bad guys and Dyson playing the hero "again" but really, this episode is about emotions and personal feelings.

    To simplify my review, it is easier to break them up into characters:-


    After her dawning, Bo became really happy and seem to be really in tune with her new fae self. She seemed to be more control of her power and gotten a lil over confident. But Bo being Bo, she of course, ended up saving the day


    Finally being able to converse with Bo regarding the dawning, Dyson was given some of the most cheesy lines this episodes. "I didn't go into the dawning with you knowing I will die, but knowing you will safe me". It is also revealed that he loves Bo so much that he is actually happy that she is happy. It is a refreshing change from his usual sad, soulful self.


    This week is an enjoyable development for Kenzi. She undercovered as a delinquent and she seemed to be at home with the other 'human' delinquents. It is also revealed that she is no longer enjoying just taking a role at the back while her big bad faes beat up other big bad faes. She was given some of the best lines in this episodes (like implying wolves are girly, hilarious). I felt that she had this innate need to be trusted by the delinquents and that she really needed to show the faes that she could accomplish all the tasks at hand without their help. Who knows, she might eventually be faed as there seem to be some hints that she might become one.


    I never really bite into the relationship between Lauren and Bo, there seemed to be too much sex and not enough emotional aspects (aside from making Lauren really boring). But this week's episode really pushed Zoie Palmer as an actress. The breaking up scene between her and Bo was really fabulous and you can actually feel the effervescence of sadness post break up. When you watch or rewatch the episode, take note of her eyes and when Bo left the room. It was really quite heart wrenching.


    Turned out Tamsin happened to be some kind of bounty hunter and needed to kidnap Bo (or something) and hand her over to someone (or something) and her mentor (aka the lady from Terminator aka Linda Hamilton aka Arcadia) was pushing her to do it. Tamsin, however, develop quite a fondness for Bo (who won't?) and decided to out from it. However she received a gory hand (I seriously do not think it was Arcadia's hand, I felt that Arcadia tricked her somehow) and ended up finishing some kind of druid work that would do some voodoo on Bo. Hopefully there will be more information next week.

    There are a few things I didn't understand (plot holes?) in this episode though, first of all, I wasn't really sure why Lauren decided to break up with Bo. I know Bo wasn't the most attentive girlfriend, but heck her previous girlfriend was in a coma for 5 years, if she needed attention, she would have found someone eons ago. I am guessing that she felt that a succubus shouldn't really be tied down with a relationship and decided to let her go (much akin to Dyson's MO). I don't know, maybe it would be revealed later. Another thing I didn't understand was why Tamsin chose Dyson as Bo's most trusted person, I would have thought it would be Kenzi. I also didn't understand why the delinquents realised Kenzi was actually an undercover (although, this is rather irrelevant as we know Bo will always end up saving the day)

    The conversations between Bo and Dyson, Lauren and Bo and, in a perfect triangle, Dyson and Lauren were some highlights of the episode. They were truthful, revealing and really what the show was about.

    I hope they will eventually reveal more about the Wanderer next episode and I am certainly looking forward to that. Whoever the writer is this episode, I hope they write more amazing episodes like this. Oh there should be some mention of the background music this episode, they were awesome and appropriate.