Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 4

Fae-de To Black

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2013 on Showcase

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  • The Doc Just Can't Keep Up

    Ever since Bo and Lauren got official, they spend too much time together making Kenzi a little neglected. But the real issue here is Bo doesn't seem to heal completely by Lauren alone because she is a Succubus. In short, she needs to feed off from different people or fae (including Dyson) which was a challenge because she loves Lauren and swore to be monogamous.

    The focus in this episode is more on the challenges Bo and Lauren are facing in their relationship including Dyson's secret (You know, where he got his love back from the Norn) I thought Lauren was about to break up with Bo when she found out that Bo fed off from Dyson because she was bleeding internally. But Lauren was willing to compromise because she was dating a Succubus, one of the factors she must accept until she hasn't figured out how to decrease Bo's "hunger"

    Lauren loves Bo so much to the point that she will continue being in the relationship even if Bo will sleep with other people. However, she only has One Golden Rule, "No Dyson"

    Tamsin was the one who defeated the Underfae who pushes human patients (and even Dyson) to re-live their childhood dreams until they commit suicide or something like that. But it's funny that there wasn't any effort. I mean first they didn't show the underfae (just the silhouette) Second, she just threw a weapon (a bigger version of a shuriken) at the underfae and died. I was expecting a little more action.

    As for Kenzi, she really felt left out that she insisted to be Hale's stylist. But the real story here was her unexplained rash on her arm that seemed to be getting worse. She called Bo for help but she didn't answer. She left a message but she was snatched in the alley by someone, or something.

    I like it when writers end the episode with something that will make you wonder until you watch the next episode.

  • writers seem to have given everyone brain transplants..

    Hail is the ash ? and is still giving kensi the cold shoulder and now trick suddenly decides to tell him to push her away ??

    dyson still hasn't told bo about his wolf thang is back ??

    bo suddenly releases lauren can't heal her ???

    oh and kensi still can't get anyone to help her with this know skin eating stuff from the norns cbinet ?? helllooooooooooo ???? knock knock go see lauren !!!

    and bo finally jumps on dyson for 'healing' sheesh

    and then dyson suddenly decides to have some fun with tammy ??

    if it wasn't for my love for kensi i'd be done with this show lol