Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 8

Fae-ge Against The Machine

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on Showcase

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  • Tamsin's True Colors

    For the past episodes, I think it's all about Tamsin and her mysterious motives. It's just hard to decipher this girl. First, she can't wait to lock Bo down. Now, she's helping her and can't seem to get off her side.

    Bo's practicing for The Dawning which makes her neglect her girlfriend unintentionally. When she was about to get some rest and meet up with Lauren afterwards for her acceptance speech, she was snagged by Tamsin. She said that the people around her were all lying and that she doesn't have a chance with The Dawning.

    But what's funny, after Bo and Tamsin's weird, long adventure, Tamsin ended up kissing Bo. And that kiss didn't show chi but it showed a genuine kiss from the Valkyrie. Oh Tamsin, why do you have to play with our minds?

    And Lauren? Oh, she didn't attend her event. She was alone at home drunk still in her evening dress waiting hopelessly for her lover to come. But instead of Bo, someone came to fetch her. It was a man, also I scientist I presume.
  • Really enjoyed this episode

    Before this episode I never thought that Bo and Tamsin will make a couple, heck, it would possibly be rather awkward seeing that Tamsin and Dyson are partners and that would possibly get a lot of frowns.

    That aside, I am sorry to see Lauren slowly being kicked out of the show, I don't see what she requested being so demanding. She would like her girlfriend to accompany her to some super scientist award, what's so selfish about that?

    I think the show is trying to show some diversity by giving Tamsin a stronger role for this episode. I do miss Kenzie, but the show is about Bo (and her various fun adventures), so it's ok that Kenzie takes a break (although please don't let it be too long). I do enjoy the chemistry between Tamsin and Bo and I think it's smart that they are bringing in a possible new love interest for Bo as Dyson and Lauren is becoming quite a snoozefest. I don't really like where it is heading towards this "Wanderer" thing though... it seems to have an implication that Tamsin will have to end up killing Bo or something.

    Anyways, good episode overall, the crying girl is seriously funny.
  • Fantastic!!!!

    OK, This episode was simply did miss Kenzie get that she is still dealing with the whole kidnapping weird to see a whole episode with Bo and Dyson either....

    Loved the machine and Trick deciding how the results would Nicely done!!!!!
  • Where's Kenzie??

    Where's Kenzie and hale? Good to see it looks like they are slowly weining out lauren, its a shame the characters so bad because the actress is so good. Aah latest adventures of bo and tamsin, I'm liking this romance so far. Who is the wanderer???