Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 5

Faes Wide Shut

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on Showcase

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  • pleasantly surprised...

    i have to say i have not really been enjoying this season so far. Though after this episode i can see that things are abot to pick up. i find it really hard to believe that no one noticed Kenzi's (FaeKenzi's?) changes? but as my review title states, i am happy that Bo caught on in the final moments... i think i disturbed my roomates (because i jumped up and yelled YES! quite loudly i admit) when Bo grabbed Kenzi by the throat and asked where her friend is, with an emphatic 'bitch' thrown in for good measure...

    definitely looking forward to the next episode now. though i would personally like some answers to Bo's current condition ( i don't need all the answers. just an indication as to what the hell is wrong with my favorite Succubus) i get the strong impression that FaeKenzi or whatever took Kenzi is behind most if not all of the current scenarios. i have rated this episode a 9 of 10 solely because of the last scene with Bo and Kenzi, otherwise i would have only given this ep a 6 of 10.
  • the b-plots steal the show

    while the main plot was of the usual monster-of-the-week kind with a bit of kink thrown in, it's the background stories that really make the episode interesting

    first the Bo-dy count rises with Bo's latest feed turning up dead and Bo mysteriously not having any memory of how their night ended. even Dyson's starting to get suspicious after Bo goes bright-blue-eyes-and-veiny on a couple of thugs who threaten Lauren and Fake Kenzi with a capital FAE, which is of course the other story hiding in the background

    Kenzi has mysteriously returned unscathed from her abduction at the end of the previous episode but is behaving strangely, manipulating Dyson, Lauren and Trick against Bo and trying to steal all of Bo's attention

    is the Norn having her revenge on chainsaw-Kenzi or is FaKenzi directly connected to Kenzi's accident at the Norns or is something else going on as well? guess we'll find out next week
  • the writers are on thin ice here

    finally someone notices kenzi ain't her self oh wait it's bo who remembers her peanut allergy wow..

    oh look dyson still hasn't fessed up the love thang and apparently thinks lauren is hot too..

    tamsin well still hasn't got her bewbs out seriously ?

    oh and trick apparantly likes to keep hold of LOTS of keys..
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