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Lost Girl vs. 10th Kingdom

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    I just finished the 1st season of this show (and I'm not sure where it is going from here), but I noticed some surprisingparallels to another favorite Fantasy tv show I watched a long time ago: 10th Kingdom.

    Although Lost Girl is certainly much more adult and Bo's character is very different from Virginia's in 10th Kingdom there are some interesting similarities in the story arc.

    10th Kingdom is about a girl who doesn't know she has a tie to the fairy world,she gets dragged into the world and helped by a "wolf" (who ends up being her love interest), and ultimately finds out that her mother is the wicked queen that is out to get her. This story arc seems very similar to Bo's journey in discovering herself in the fairy world, meeting Dyson, and finding out that Eva is her mother. Both series are fantastic and certainly take different approaches, but I just thought I would share a "tip of the hat" to 10th Kingdom for its creative/original work 20 years ago. Unfortunately 10th Kingdom was ended too soon. . .

    And with that being said, I'm loving Lost Girl and I hope that it lasts for MANY seasons to come!

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