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S2E20 "Lachlan's Gambit" thoughts.

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    To me this was a "what the hell" episode. The episode seemed rushed and some scenes didn't ring true. It was as if the writer was in a rush to get to a point to reach the upcoming finale. First off there is a fight in the Dhal, Ciara returns and helps Bo kick ass, great scene. Then Bo searches for Lauren whose place in disarray. Lauren is somewhat cold to Bo, which is understandable, she's coping with grief, Bo leaves and Lauren barely contains herself. Dyson returns and quickly declares that he gets a vision saying that he is the Chosen One to fight the Garuda, not Bo. To which Bo quickly agrees. Everyone prepares to go to battle against the Garuda with Dyson as the leader, despite Lachlan saying it's wrong.

    The night before the battle, we get a long, hot and heavy sex scene between Dyson and Ciara, and Lauren show's up at Bo's place. When excited or distressed, Lauren tends to blurt out her thoughts and "talk geek," which Bo loves. She asks to sleep with Bo, Bo quickly agrees, but Lauren clarifies it's just to sleep, she needs solace in Bo's arms b/c she can't find peace. Love the scene where Bo is comforting her. Lauren admits to Bo to wanting to leave the Fae world for good. Bo tells her whatever she decides they're in this together. What bothered me was, once again, Lauren is portrayed as weak when she arrives at Bo's place. We all know Lauren is a very strong person, Bo even tells her this. But I miss the Lauren from season one and the first half of season two. It seems ever since Nadia awoke, I barely recognize this Lauren. I only truly recognized her again in the end of this episode where she is calm and in control again and returns to help in the fight. She tells Bo they have an advantage over the Garuda and they're in this together, echoing Bo's earlier comment to her. She's finally helping Bo shoulder the burden of what's coming.

    Anyway, the gang march off to the Garuda's lair with clubs like angry villagers, inept angry villagers. They follow a berserker in what is an obvious trap and of course are caught. In a plot device, Ciara is cut down. Dyson says okay I think I was wrong. Realizing it's a trap everyone bails except Dyson; they arrive at the compound to find Lachlan has sacrificed his life to the Garuda to prove Bo is the true Champion. Lauren has Lachlan's venom, the only weapon to kill the garuda. Then Bo races off to find Kenzi who is dragging a badly beaten Dyson back. Bo finally accepts her destiny and prepares for the upcoming confrontation.

    This was definitely a mad dash episode. Some of the choices of the characters made little sense, such as them going after the Garuda in a poorly planned attack. I think they could have found a better way to kill off two characters and still have Bo accept her destiny. I'm hoping the last two episodes packs a major punch b/c this one fizzled for me.

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    I agree it did seem abit rushed, like they just had to get Dyson. Ciara was a surprise and found the extened romp between her and Dyson messed up considerign Dyson wants his love back. Also I think he didn't understand the wolf sprit. She only said is role would be "significant" not his was the one to lead, only that wolves were meant to lead. Thinking that may have something to do with him giving Bo his strength last season. Since he did that and mated with Bo(although she doesn't know that) she may be considered to be wolf through being mated to Dyson. Honestly I think Dyson serves as keeping Bo alive through their connection but not sure how that could end even if he get his love back, Bo may not want it.

    The Ash's death was a complete waste, it serves to have the Garunda think he's won with the lack of Naga venom to kill him. But its very lame to have Laurn say the blood is coagulating hos death should have been more. He spent the season killing other and no answers have been given. Very annoying,

    The summary for next episode makes me think Vex is the one Bo teams up with, as he's the only Fae I think she really hates even more than the Morgan.That finale has me worried thinking Dyson and Bo will be left in the wind and not together, I'd settle for working it out if his love is returned.
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    this show is all over the place so it's hard to tell where it's going, dyson and bo must find a way of fighting the norn's spell or it is lauren who holds the key to bo's heart.

    i 4see the garuda meeting a rather lame end bo nobely sacrifices her self.. etc

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    I agree that this episode felt rushed. All season I had the feeling Ciara would die..but her death in this episode just didn't sit well with me. The Garuda's sword was pretty cool with the flames and she was saving Bo when she died and all...but the way it was done was crappy. It seemed like nobody else in the room was doing anything and The Garuda's concentration was on killing Bo after he through down Kenzi..I dont know the whole scene just felt contrived. I'm glad Bo has accepted that she is the leader and needs to lead the Fae into battle.


    In the promo for the finale I saw that Bo is going to go all Super-Succubus on us, or at least on the Garuda around all of her friends..declaring they need to bow down to her. This should bode well for what I'm assuming will be the end of The Garuda and a cliffhanger ending leading into Season 3.

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    The real main problem that I had that made many of the scenes awkward came simply down to choreography. The "fight" between the Ash and the Goruda was slow and if I were an ages old hate feeding supervillian, I might be thinking that the Ash gave up just a little bit too easy. The thing with the clubs didn't bother me so much because a) it was kind of funny and b) it cut down on actual bloodshed so it was cartoon like violence. Lots of people might die on this show, but it's never that gory. Well, the after effects might be but they don't usually show the gore. But yeah, they run into a room, chit chat for a while then after a pretty tragic death have entire conversation while Berserkers do what...? Wait? WTF was that?
    Although I get why Bo would be eager to foist the responsibility onto someone else, I don't really get why they didn't expand a bit on Dyson going to find the wolf spirit whatever thing.
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    since dyson made the deal with the norn to save bo in her fight against efa 'her mother' he lost his mojo his sence of self and his cause as well as his love for bo and his own life his trip to the wolf spirit was for guidance/help and even a knew path. but it lead him back to his friends and ultimately back to where he was before..albeit with a death wish..

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