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Season 3's Finale discussion (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

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    First of all, I loved Season 3's finale, even though it felt more like a mid-season finale, because the season's story arch still didn't reached a conclusion. This season started slow but picked up half-way and ended with a bang!

    I created this topic because the next season will begin somewhere by the end of 2013, and I wanted to share some thoughts about where I think things are going, based on what happened in this episode. It has spoilers from the last episode, so if haven't scene it I advise you to stay away and go see it first.

    1st thought:
    Is Bo's father a good or a bad guy? I can't figure it out. First he helps her with the witches than he wants Tamsin to put a spell on her, to the point of killing her friend because she was refusing to do it. Finally he makes Bo, Dyson and Tamsindisappearto god knows where? I'm really confused andintriguedby this guy!

    2nd thought:
    Bo is not in love with Lauren. She thinks she is but she's not and Lauren knows it. The flame of passion between Bo and Lauren has burned out, particularly when Lauren found out about the kiss between her and Tamsin. (Yes Tamsin was mean there, but was only because she couldn't risk Lauren talking to Bo about hersuspiciousvisit, so she had todeviatethe attention from the real reason she visited Lauren) And the fact that Bo never mentioned that kiss to Lauren is very telling (and if she had told her Tamsin wouldn't be able/forced to use that). But the most telling of all is the fact that Tamsin's spell, that needs a hair from someone Bo loves, didn't work. Unless it worked but in a different way than expected and that's explained in the next season... we'll see.

    3rd thought:
    Bo is not in love with Dyson. When Bo learned that Dyson has his love for her back she didn't came back to him. After he risked his life in the dawning she still didn't show love for him. Her love for Dyson burned out when she fell in love with Lauren and Dyson hasn't tried to ignite it after getting Bo's love back. Heck he didn't even tell her he had her love back, she found out by accident, through Kenzi.

    4th thought:
    Bo and Tamsin are in love with each other, even if they don't know it yet.Every timethey kiss it is clearly super intense, increasingly more with each time. Tamsin has risked her life without even blinking, to save Bo, more than once already. When Bo said to Tamsin (with a blade leaned against her neck): "You're more alive than anyone that I've ever met." to me sounded a lot like "I love you". When Tamsin said to Bo: "You're not like anyone I've ever met... in any of my many lifetimes" also sounded a lot like "I love you". I hope Tamsin is a regular character in season 4 and she and Bo become at least try being a couple. I hope her lifecycledoesn't end anytime soon, she's "more alive" than either Dyson or Lauren, and exactly what Bo needed in her life, in my humble opinion.

    Final thoughts:
    I still like Dyson and Lauren but I hope neither of them gets back together with Bo, "that ship has sailed" like Kensin says. Kenzi and that big guy walking to the car and driving off in the end, was one of the funniest scenes ever in Lost Girl. I wouldn't mind if that guy, named Bruce, appears next season. Speaking of Kenzi, don't it's a good idea to make her more than human. I love human Kenzi, it's what makes her special, besides being hilarious. I wouldn't mind making her awitchor something like that, as longs as she keeps being human and not Fae.

    So what are your thoughts on Season 3's finale and about where things are going in the next season?
    And do you agree or disagree with each one of my thoughts? Why?
    Share your thoughts and pray for season 4 to start before 2014!
    Long live Lost Girl! Cheers!

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    Some things I have to write after reading many posts on other forums and message boards. This forum doesn't have much activity for now, but with all the negative feelings I saw in the other forums and message boards, I still prefer to write here, even if almost no one reads it. What's important for me is writing this stuff, not the replys I get or not in return.

    Like other people, I also don't mind if Bo and Tamsin only stay good friends. It would still be very cool and will still continue to watch the show. Just please don't kill Tamsin or send her to another part of the world (like Angel in Buffy) in season 4 or 5 or ever, please! Because my interest in the show was slightly fading before she appeared, and after season 3 finale my interest and curiosity in what happens next has reached an all time high. She added a much needed unpredictability, attitude (that shecan useto shield herself from getting too close to other people), life, craziness and emotion. But I still think it would be a waste if they didn't at least try to be lovers. The worst thing that could happen is it not working and they go back to being friends. Bo and Dyson are still friends after everything that's happened (and I don't see that ever changing, so Dyson needs to move on). I believe Bo and Lauren will stay as good friends in the next season. So there's no reason not to try and see what happens with Bo and Tamsin if they go on a real date. They have mutual respect, mutual admiration, great chemistry, sexual attraction, trust, understanding and Dyson as a mutual friend.

    Some say that Tamsin would be a bad influence on Bo if they became more than friends, but I don't any evidence of that. Yes, Tamsin's initial intentions were to investigate Bo and find a crime that would put her in jail. Yes, she is a bounty hunter that must capture people marked by the Wanderer, but she didn't know Bo would be one of them. She was genuinely surprised and shocked when Bo draw the Wanderer card. Yes, she didn't tell Bo anything about that and created the spell that should've helped to capture her, but that spell didn't work, so we'll never know what she would've done after if it did. After all, besides lying about her true initial intentions and her internal conflicts (although her drunkenbehaviorwas a visible sign that something wasn't right), what did she actually do throughout season 3? This: Tamsin was the only one who believed Bo when she was put in a cage by her closest friends, and helped her save Kenzi, going as far as letting her feed of her chi to recover her strength; Tamsin held, from The Morrigan, what the coma patient said about Bo feeding on him, which would've probably put Bo in a dark fae prison; Tamsin was the only one who really warned Bo about how brutal the Dawning can be to a fae; Tamsin helped Bo in the quest to be invited to the Dawning, when she didn't have to; Tamsin initially refused making the spell to capture Bo, only to see an old friend's hand being cut off and delivered to her as consequence; Tamsin helped Dyson find a mass grave of light and dark fae, one of which was the real killer of the light fae found near Bo's house before; Tamsin told Bo the good news that she didn't killed that light fae, as she initially thought, but refuse to answer her about the other dark fae in a coma (I think she will take that secret to her grave); Tamsin agreed to help Bo find out where Dyson was taken by the humans; Tamsin took a bullet for Bo and even prevented the guard from firing a second shot, by using her power; still recovering from the bullet wound, Tamsin went to save Dyson with Bo; given the chance to kill or at least greatly injure Bo, when she let her guard down on purpose to Tamsin, not reacting to her leaning a weapon against her neck, Tamsin dropped the blade and revealed what was truly going through her mind; Tamsin picked up Dyson and also told him what was going through her mind at the time.

    The one truly bad thing Tamsin did was telling Lauren about her kiss with Bo. But can't that be forgiven, in light of all the other selfless acts I mentioned before? She only did that because she thought was the only way to not lift suspicions about her surprise visit, not because she wanted to hurt Lauren. She respects Lauren and even remembered her in the end when she asked Bo "what about Lauren?", before going to pick up Dyson. And don't tell me that only single information Tamsin gave Lauren was responsible for her decision to break-up with Bo. That doesn't make any sense. First Lauren didn't even ask Bo if what Tamsin said was true, she just believed what Tamsin said for some odd reason. Maybe was because she didn't saw any reason why Tamsin would lie about something like that. Still, there could be only one reason to not talk about it before making a decision as life changing and hard as breaking up with someone you love: you were already thinking about it for quite some time, because of many other things that happened before. So don't blame Tamsin for Lauren-Bo' failed relationship, when only Bo and Lauren are really responsible for how things turned out.

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    the wanderer is a necro mancer

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    i dont want to see dyson with bo again either, its clearly time for tamsin and bo. i never liked dyson he was always boring,i liked and l still like lauren but their relationship will never work. i agree that tamain and bo are in love with eachother, that speech to bo in the bath was evidence oftamsins love, not to mention the fact she took a bullet for her! however i worrythat since tamsins at the "end of her life cycle" that if they got together, season 4 would have the saddest death scene of all time... :'(

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    Whats a necromancer?

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    "Necromancy is a claimed form of magic involving communication with the deceased either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft." Necromancer

    For other fictional representations of necromancy you could check out the Laurell K Hamilton "Anita Blake" book series. The main character is a necromancer and the first few books are pretty good, then the it all devolves into plotless porn.

    For a less romance-oriented adventure you could try out the Jim Butcher "Harry Dresden" book series. One of the books has a big bad who practices necromancy. Harry Dresden

    See also: TV Tropes Have fun!

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    Bo's dad is not a necromancer. He's The Wanderer or Odin, I'm guessing that they gave a lot of artistic license and made Odin like lord over life and death. As for the whole love mess, I have this to say:

    Bo and Lauren: They need to be over. It is a stupid stupid romance because Bo can't be with a human. They showed why. I would like to see Lauren potentially gotten rid of.

    Bo and Dyson: Really would like to see Dyson if he would be able to see with a new love interest other than Bo but I don't really see that.

    Bo and Tamsin: Interesting romance but I don't think it would last very long. Ideally I would want this romance and then bo/dyson.

    Back to her dad. I think he will not be a ultrabad (aka the main bad guy), I think that he has just been seeking her out and wants to protect her or something. I hope that he is similar to her the name certainly points to it, The Wanderer, in that he isn't aligned to anyone.

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    I watched all of season 3 over two days and on the whole found it boring. For me Bo and her relationship aspect really dragged it down, the one bright spot was Kenzie.

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    I've got quite a few thoughts on this. First of all:

    Bo's dad. So I went online and found that the Wanderer is Odin. Although the more modern take on the Odin legend portrays him as an amiable, noble king, in truth the legends speak differently. Odin was known as 'The Wanderer' as he would often leave his kingdom and wander the realms, causing chaos and wars for what seemed like nothing more then his own sport. He is also known for his never ending search for knowledge. And (perhaps most telling of all) Odin is served by the Valkeries. He is also part of the same legend base as the Norns, which we've seen the writers use, so I'd say its a fair chance that Odins Bos dad. However the writers have also shown they are willing to mix it up with legends to suit their own needs, so who knows if we've got a good guy or a bad guy here.

    (Okay everyone seems pretty focused on the relationships so Im going to do a quick take of them here)

    Bo and Lauren. I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed BUT I do believe we are going to end up with an incredibly strong relationship friendship-wise here. The writers have pretty much hinted as much during the season. Lauren was never an underlying driving force to what Bo does. Don't get me wrong. I think she did love her but not enough to be willing to sacrifice everything for her. Still. Whenever Bo was under influences that should have reflected her love (drunk, spells, the trial) Lauren was never her focus. the druids spell failed and in her trial world Lauren and her had broken up (a little sneak-peak by the writers I feel. Bo tells Lauren that she 'gave their love away' and low and behold at the end of the season Lauren had).

    Tamsin and Bo. Okay so the kiss was put together by the magic of Trick and the lady-whose-name-I-haven't-bothered-to-remember. Now Tamsin does seem pretty blown away by Bo BUT this could very much be due to Bos status as a hero type. If we look at the Valkerie legends they travel the world seeking astounding heroes. It could be that Bos very personality calls to Tamsin. Honestly? I'm hoping they'll let this one pass. Mainly because it would be nice for Bo to have a friend outside of Kenzi who doesn't want to get into her pants and, secondly, they make an ass-kicking team but I like the friendship as it is.

    Dyson and Bo. I think we are looking at the writers home-run. On the Dyson side of things. He's not getting over it. What people seem to be forgetting is that he literally /cant/ move on. Wolves mate for life. He made his choice. He'll love her forever. And as for Bo? It seems every time something about love comes up (once again I reference her trial) every indication is that Dyson has a hold on her. But I don't think we are going to see it any time soon. A wolf that will love the star of the show forever? Will literally never want to leave her? Thats an end-game plan. There is no way the writers would give us that kind of relationship while the show is still running strong. After all, how else can we see Bo getting down with a whole bunch of exciting new lovers? Dyson and Bo are going to be our back-burner, will she ever go back to him, couple, with just enough hints that she still feels it for him to keep the audience guessing. (And as for her not dumping Lauren and running back to Dyson, Bo isn't the type. Thats a pretty scumbag thing to do to someone you say you love. Bo wouldnt take it lightly. Of course she's going to stick with Lauren and try to make it work. Thats just the type of girl she is)

    (And now for the questions of the season)

    Where the heck did Bo go? (I don't really think shes trapped in a card. Although that would be hilarious) Is she trapped or is she willing once she meets her Dad? How long will it take the gang to realise shes gone now that they are scattered to the four winds? Will Tamsin and Dyson survive? (My money is yes on Dyson, no on Tamsen. But fear not! Its already been mentioned that Valkeries get resurrected. We'll probably be seeing Tam back in all her ass kicking glory again!) Are we going to see Kenzi as some kind of funky new fae or is the evil druid going to take her hostage as Bo-bait since his spell didn't work? Are we going to see humans slaughtered all over the place now the Morrigan has gotten her way? How are the fae we know and love going to fight back (especially since half of them look to be dead)? What scandalous, insane thing is Bos mum going to get up to now that her crazy ass is loose on the streets again? Can I have any more questions?

    Oh wait... Yes I can. We didn't see much of Hale this season, with the excuse being given that he was Ashing the place up and didn't have time. Was the actor involved in something else? And would I be right in assuming that this is why we had a season of Tam? Now Hale is back in the field and Tam may have just made road-kill out of herself.

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