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warning possible spoilers Bo's side

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    [1]Jul 4, 2012
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    ok a great strength of the series is the grey morality that said......

    Basically which side do you thinkBoshould go with? because the morrigan who so far was in i think two episodes could be wrong has acted like light fae for the most part i mean we saw that she is ruthless in killing her assistant but she helped Bo and TOLD THE TRUTH and did so because she gave a blood promise or something like that but a DARK FAE giving a blood promise without trying to manipulate it at all? The Ash the new one went out and killed someone to clean up a mess admirable mind you but.... he did it in a ruthless way that should be dark fae as far as i am concerned. So the morrigan is acting like light fae for the most part and so far the new ash is more in line with dark fae? i am sure there are advantages to both sides but if i were Bo i would have a hard time right now figuring it out. I believe SOON with the advent of theNain Rouge and all that is coming from what she said that Bo will have to choose so i ask foropinions now.

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    You're see why The Morrigan is The Morrigan near the end of season 2.

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    I imagine she'll pick NO side... with a vengeance.

    Like instead of passively doing stuff for either side so long as nobody gets hurt, she'll go full-on-antagonist and work against them. Or at least try to for a couple of episodes.

    Reasons being: we saw what happened with the Liche messed with her. She went kind of crazy and started saying that both sides sucked and should be stopped. And she started to go a little crazy / dark in the season 2 finale.

    So... my guess is that's what's deep inside her. Either as a curse or just part of her personality.

    And... I imagine that before she goes too far that her pals are going to make her sane again and she'll have to stay neutral because she ticked too many people off during her insanity.

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