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  • Without Lauren

    Without Lauren this show would have been just like every other show you can find on TV. I love the Fae/Human relationship as Bo could have had any Fae of her choice. I was more of a Lauren fan because she didn't have to save all of them but she did at one time or another. Anyone saying she shouldn't have been on the show would have lost their favorites, had she not been.

    I loved season 2 but beyond that Lost Girl really started to tank in plot. I only watched 3, 4, 5 because I spent so much time watching the first 2 that I wanted to see what happened with Lauren as she deserved to be happy. Bo got a point I didn't care who she chose but I wanted Lauren to be happy.
  • The Lauren character was a drag on the show

    I loved the show. The real bummer for me at the series finale was seeing Bo and Lauren together. Lauren's character bugged me and was a drag on the show. I was really hoping to finally see Bo and Dyson back together as I believe that the chemistry was much better. Heck, I was hoping for several seasons that Lauren would just be killed off.
  • Kenzie blows

    I like the show for the most part I'm a red blooded American male and I like sex scenes as much as the next guy so it's saying something when i get tired of watching those lesbian scenes it seems like they take up at least a third of every episode I just fast forward through them and I think the character of kenzie is just a pain to watch she's so clingy not to mention a thief she steals off of everybody she pretty much sold out her race all she wants to be is a fae pet she needs to get her on life I was so happy she died at the end of season 4 yea like she's bo's heart right but of course they bring her back the actress who plays her does a good job with what she has to work with but her character needs her own life .
  • Awesome show

    I'll Missed this show!!!
  • Why Doccubus Sucks!

    Love the show and love the LGBT mix in it... but I can not stand Lauren. She is dry and has a personality of a brick. Bo and Lauren do not have anything beyond sex in my opinion. Lauren Lewis is not a likable character. Lauren had more chemistry with Crystal in the episodes they shared in season 4. <-- Lauren was open with Crystal after the first few meetings, but took forever telling Bo about Nadia. SMH!!! I think their relationship is based on Florence Nightingale syndrome. Is Doccubus real love? I think it is just a pity love (since Bo has a huge compassion for humans). If we went the LGBT route, I would love to see her with Tam. Lauren is LAME and a crap actress in the show!!! Shoot Lauren had more chemistry with Evony in the fake kiss...

    My OTP would be to see Bo with Dyson. I love the idea that Dyson devoted his heart to her early on and even after it was taken away, he stood by her even when he was numb and empty. I think they have had the truest sacrifice for one another.

    I hope the writers do not screw up the series finale by ending it with Lauren and Bo, especially since Lauren should have already died off of the series. Doccubus does not need to be the endgame. I am rooting for Team Dyson!

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  • was that the ending

    i love this show but i liked when bo and dyson was together way more and bo friends with ;auren bc it was boring when they was a couple the end of this i didnt like lost girl season 5 episode 8 was the ending line? really please tell me there is lost girl season 5 episode 9 ???
  • I watched the show in the beginning...

    I watched the show in the beginning and really liked Bo and Dyson together. However, as the seasons progressed, it was obvious there were too many people who were into Lauren and Bo. Personally, they just look like two girls acting like Lesbians and I really don't see the chemistry. Lauren is so boring and lame, I can't imagine a succubus finding anything interesting about her. The more they brought them together, the less interested I got in the show. I could see the direction the show was going just from the "fans" asking for more Lauren and Bo together. Just not interested at all. I'm all for gay/lesbian relationships but only if they make sense. There just isn't any real "passion" or sense in their relationship. Lauren has been caught lying so much and still these people want them together. It was interesting in the so much lately.
  • April is almost gone!

    April 17th came and went, but no sign of the show. Anyone knows the actual date the show is returning?
  • bad move

    cancelling a great show and starting up a .... really really bad show, what is this, Fox?
  • episode 9

    When is the second half of the season?
  • Love it

    I love the show I started watching it on netflix and can't most out of episodes and I missed the 1st half of season anyone know if syfy will replay the beginning of season 5 before the premier on April ....
  • SEASON 5 THE END?????????

  • This show is crap

    I'm not watching the rest of this show. It's just become gay porn. The actual story line is lost lost lost. What is with writers focusing more on sex than anything else. Total SHIT.
  • Remember when?

    I watched lost girl from the beginning and it's never been lost on me that the show is mediocre; its cheap-looking and cheesy with corny misplaced dialogue, ridiculous over the top plots that never seem to be as "serious" as the writers seem to want, the acting is sub-par (either over the top hammy or wooden) with Anna Silk (who plays our protagonist) being possibly the worst actor of all.

    Despite all this it was still in its own way endearing and very watchable with its strong independent women (dundun) to the Gothic chic/film noir feel to but now...

    Hey remember when Bo and Kenzi used to be private investigators? because the writers sure don't! and when Bo wasn't a Bella-swan esque Mary-Sue?

    If I'm being perfectly honest, the Show lacks the budget and talent (both on screen and off) to be a arc-based arc-driven show and even in season 5 its clinging to its "monster of the week" roots with plots that are alluded to for several episodes (or seasons) resolved in ONE episode or LESS when they are FINALLY introduced usually with some combination of a magical McGuffin/helpful stranger/Bo being GOD, the way that at the end of every episode seemingly every drama/threat/end of humanity as we know it!!! Is wrapped up in a neat little bow is not only serendipitous but also anti-climactic and makes all of these "threats" the characters keep waffling on about seem hollow...

    Basically this is a goofy, episodic show that has started to take itself waaay too seriously. I honestly couldn't even finish watching the fifth season episodes
  • awesome

    loved this ep kept whistling she'll be coming around the mountain all day at work
  • mmm getting worse, hopefully we shall see a comeback

    Rated a 7 because season 4 wasn't the greatest. Rushed, and not well thought out. So many unexplained things happened. I really hope that season 5 improves and also that Kenzi will be there for it. I absolutely adore her and I don't know if I'd be able to continue to watch without her. Bo is good but the Duo is really what made this show spark for me. I await season 5 in 2015.
  • wish there was a better word than love

    I have really been taken aback by how impressed with this show I have found myself. The character development is extremely solid, and they don't take short cuts and easy ways out like many shows do. When Bo's life works out, for better or worse, it feels very natural and not forced. Don't get me wrong, I feel, more often than not, that Bo gets the very short end of the stick. That being said, I am very impressed with the actors and the storyline. It is compelling and difficult not to just blast through the episodes. I actually had to stop myself from watching it to quickly, lest i be waiting for the next season too long.
  • Get rid of Kenzie!!!!

    Started watching this serial last week

    Please get rid of Kenzie. One character who has no place since the very beginning in this serial. A character which makes this apparently well directed serial look as a low budget production. She doesn't even know how to act!!!!

    I have rated this series 4 only because of kenzie otherwise 9
  • A little outthere

    please put Bo back with Dyson, and stop all this back and fourth, she only ended with Lauren because Dyson was force to reject her or does anybody remembers. He was the first person she every fell in love with and nobody forgets or get over that. Right now now she is coming off as Bo the hoe having sex with anything with two legs. Lauren is boring and offers nothing trying to pass her off as a doctor that knows everything is crazy what is she Dr. Jerkly and Mr Hyde enough already
  • Make a baby twist and revive the show and Kenzie at least!

    Wow, so that's it huh! Kenzie MUST come back, she really is the heart of the show and she's a fabulous actor. I was so pissed to have Hale die and before she even got to say yes! I think it could have been an interesting story line having him back as Ash and Kenzie as his wife keeping him in line. She could have done so much with that! I really can't see her with Dyson, sorry Ella, its just WAY too wrong, not to mention breaking girl code in a huge and also disturbing way! Come on! That memory loss episode where they were together turned me right off!

    I think Bo and Dyson need to get back together and the writers could really do something with the two of them creating a child as teased in previous episodes. But maybe make it a not planned pregnancy and create something cool about the two blood lines forming making the baby a special part of the show OR another cool twist could be for Kenzie and Hale to come back somehow and them make a baby! I mean, a half-human/half-fae would create a huge diabolical in the show and could bring even more depth for Kenzie's character in the show, making her baby a huge deal in shifting the fae world.

    Either way, the triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren is getting tiring and that supposed `true love`Rainer, was just ridiculous! Dyson is her true love, I mean really, we`ve all seen it. Her relationship with Lauren is cool, I`m all for the gays, but we all know the soul to soul connection is between Bo and Dyson. So get it together writers!

    It's neat that Lauren can now turn Fae into humans, though I don't entirely understand that, I'm curious to see what they do with that. To be honest, I also kinda like her with Evony it's an interesting power shift. I think we've all wanted to bring Evony down a peg or two from time to time, so go Lauren!

    The whole story with Massimo was just dumb and we all know Kenzie should have got that revenge. But his story line went on WAY too long and got way out there for it to end the way it did. I was not impressed. Although it was cool seeing Kenzie with powers, I was hoping they were going to do more with that.

    I really love Tamsin's character in the show and I hope they continue to do something great with her next season. Though I don't think it should be hooking up with Bo.

    Finally, I still really love Bo too and I think if they tie up loose ends creatively enough and weave in some awesome new twists, the writers could really revive the show from it's disappointments and make the viewers happy again. Here's hoping!!!
  • Soft core p0rn with a great story line!

    They've done the impossible with this show.... They've taken the "mixed supernatural society" concept, added in an element of straight up sex, and added a great story line. It's passion and action all in one! A must watch for husbands and wives together as a warm up for foreplay.

    Love the characters, especially their onscreen chemistry.
  • I love this show soo very much

    Kenzi is such a funny and good hearted caracter. My favorite episodes so far are S02E02 and S02E09, this part with "nakedness,..... there was supposed to be nakedness " and the Kenzi's new boots "restraint yay Kenzi" with a bit of finger magic, soo funny kept me smiling 2 days straight.
  • Why do I watch this?

    I really can't answer that. From the start of the show when a succubus with no apparent prior combat training becomes something to apparently be feared by an apparent majority of the fae community, to each subsequent season where she for some reason plays a pivotal role in major fae just weird. The fae community survived on its own for millennia prior to her joining it, and now she for some reason takes center stage in nearly everything fae related?

    Sure, the female stars are attractive, but any show needs more than eye candy to keep me interested. I'm a big fan of mythology, so that may have a little something to do with it, but this show takes most concepts and basically rapes them until they fit the mold of what they want it to resemble for their purposes. Granted, most shows do something similar.

    However, for instance the thing with Hale having to basically aim his siren song is . It's audible sound. You don't have to aim sound. The person just has to be in range of who or whatever he wants to hear it.

    All that being I'll probably keep watching it. I hate watching a series and then bailing on it before it ends, which by no means should come off as a ringing endorsement. And it'll stay a dark, dark secret.
  • A show to remember... Kyle XY!

    Is it me or this show is confusing like Kyle XY??? I couldn't understand a single thing about that show and I'm having trouble to understand this one too. Sci-fi don't have to be that complicated.
  • Getting more lost!

    just get rid of Lauren already. Can't stand her! Why has she got top billing next to Anna Silk? Wasn't Kensi supposed to be after Bo in the credits? Just so annoyed. I feel like we are loosing who Bo was she was happy to swing both ways and was fun & I felt she really did love Dyson just didn't want to get hurt because he couldn't love her in return anymore (little does she know). Anyone I know just doesn't think Lauren suits Bo at all.
  • Smart and funny show with the biggest heart

    Strong character driven show with good stories and characters that you quickly grew to love. They are not afraid to have fun with it either and you can easily tell that they had blast making it, and it really comes through.
  • Good Ol' Fun

    An entertaining show with great characters that's just darn fun to watch. Reminiscent of Charmed, Buffy, and Angel.
  • I suggest a better name for the show

    I suggest a better name for the show "Lost Girl - Silly Found"

    This show is extremely silly and lacks core. You may watch season 1 and some how find it interesting - try seasons 2 & 3 but there both the nonesense & the silliness start. Its all about a sex hungry bitch (socubus) that sucks energy from people and a cult calle Fae with stupid powers that stand against each other.

    It is a total chaos - you better waste your time on a Nigerian Drama narrated in Hindi or an Polish series dubbed in Turkish.
  • Love it!!

    Love this show, and I am sooooo hoping that Bo and Dyson gets back together! PLZ!
  • Team Lauren <3

    don't get me wrong i love Dyson too....

    i just think Lauren is better for bo she's way more happier with her and yes there are things they need to work out but i think Lauren will come to her senses and go back to bo, it seem's like Lauren has completely changed but i think we where not shown the whole picture, she's comes thru in the end to save Dyson even thou theirs so much in their past!

    need the new season withdrawrel symptoms kicking in :) lol