Lost Girl

Season 3 Episode 6

The Kenzi Scale

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on Showcase

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  • So disappointed.

    Why, Why. You had the chance to create an enticing episode, Having Kenxie go bad could have been amazing, but instead you just had her be kidnapped by a neurotic fae with serious abandonment issues (I thought the norn gave her a friend in return for her powers anyway???) Kenzie did the best with what she had, which wasn't much. The plus of this episode was tamsin, Im loving her. I can see her as bo's new romance.
  • Best of this season so far...

    This season has been more boring than the previous two. Laurel, Trick and Dyson have become even more bland characters than before, and the introduction of Tamsin didn't impress me. But at least this episode was very entertaining to watch, because it was more focused on the best aspects of this show: Bo, Kenzi and the special bond they have. Great acting from Ksenia Solo in this episode, where she had more screen time. We also saw Bo finding out the truth about what's happening to her. And to my big surprise, Tamsin evolved into a likable character! I hope she continues that way and becomes the third non-bland character this season.
  • Surreal

    I'm not sure whether its just me, but although it was overall a solid episode with interesting story progression etc, there were times the acting from some of the characters seemed very wooden and it just gave a kind of surreal feeling to it at times. Trick and Lauren especially but even Dyson seemed to fall short of his usual on screen charisma.

    One great point for me in this episode is that we see a softer side to Tamzin a few times (although if you blink, you might miss it). With her being hell bent on bringing Bo down, it was great to actually find her more likable.

    I really hope Lauren is being written out of the series soon. I'm sorry if you're a Bo/Lauren fan but I just cannot stand Lauren. This episode seemed to serve as a painful reminder why I actually root for her demise (on screen only ofc). I feel her character/acting is very forced/awkward. I also feel Bo has more on screen chemistry with her friend Kenzie (or even Hale!) than she does with the good doctor. She whines constantly and perhaps trying to come across all doctor like, she just appears anal and clinical - completely wrong for a succubus who feeds on passion.

    I can't discuss the aspects I enjoyed without going into heavy spoiler territory, but if characters irritate the life out of you as Lauren does me, you can be pretty sure you'll enjoy this episode regardless, due to the story progression :)

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